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 Homo Magi (also called Homo Magus) is a sub-race of naturally magic-wielding humans.


Post-Crisis/New Earth

According to Doctor Mist, the Homo Magi evolved in a parallel but separate line, alongside Homo Sapiens.[2] Homo Magi are naturally adept at magic; since many humans possesses the Homo Magi gene because of their relationships in the distant past, these humans can learn to use indirect magic by performing rituals, but pure Homo Magi or their direct descendants can use direct magic.[3]

The Homo Magi have existed for as long as the human race, but due to their special abilities, they did not expand as the Homo Sapiens did. Eventually, they started to interbreed with normal humans, resulting in many generations of Homo Magi / Homo Sapiens hybrids. As the number of pure Homo Magi dwindled, they decided to go into hiding.[3]

Prime Earth

Although the time of emergence in which the Homo Magi emerged is unknown, the Homo Magi has existed on Earth since the dawn of human civilization and thousands of years after the sinking of the then-most powerful civilization on Earth, Nan Mandol.[4] Having been taught magic within the Rock of Eternity, the Homo Magi eventually found their way to Earth and spreaded their magic throughout the world. From their spread came the foundation of many civilizations, the most significant being Atlantis though others like the Empire of Kor, Mu and others came into being.[4][5]

At some point during the reign of Calculha and Dark Majistra, magic became its strongest on Earth in Atlantis.[6] Shortly after, it was Arion's reign that made both magic and technology in sync within the content but despite it's promises, it eventually fell thousands of years later under the rule of Atlan.[7] Those who lived in Atlantis became a splinter race adapted for the undersea descendent from the Homo Magu: Atlanteans, Xebelians, the Trench and Idylists. Others who have managed to escape the sinking also managed to create new societies such as Skartaris, a offshoot of Atlantis that managed to salvage it's advanced technologies and magic.[8]

Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: Homo Magi are capable of naturally possessing and manipulating magic at will, unlike ordinary humans whom require the use of other methods such as arcane items or familiars.
  • Decelerated Aging: Homo Magi can live from centuries up to thousands of years.




Habitat: Terrestrial
Gravity: 1g
Atmosphere: Homo Magi thrive in an oxygen/nitrogen rich atmosphere, although, if under the protection of powerful spellcraft or in possession of magical objects with protective abilities, they can live under most atmospheric conditions.
Population: Unknown

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