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Honeybun was an experimental cyborg employed as a wetwork agent for Diablo, a private organization specializing in dealing with metahuman problems.[1]

After Mod sanctioned the extermination of the original Teen Titans as a means to prevent the advent of the demonic entity known as Mister Twister, Honeybun and her partner D-Daddy attacked the building where Arsenal, Dove, Gnarrk, Hawk, and Lilith Clay were located.[2] Honeybun was ultimately defeated when she was incapacitated by a psychic attack from Lilith, allowing Gnarrk to spear her through the back.[1]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Honeybun is an experimental combat-chassis strike droid covered by a camouflage housing and equipped with an organic operating system.
    • Energy Projection: While in human form Honeybun can project powerful blasts of energy from her hands.[2]
    • Superhuman Durability: Honeybun's chassis is made of solid metal, Arsenal's arrows broke when they made contact into it while leaving not even a dent.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: While in human form Honeybun is strong enough to lift Gnarrk with one hand and slam him into a wall with enough strength to crack it and choke him until he passed out. Once transformed she casually picked Arsenal off the ground and crushed his bow with no effort.[1]
    • Transformation: While usually looking like a teenage girl Honeybun can shed her fake skin and assume a much more intimidating robotic look.[1]



  • Rocket Launchers: Honeybun has built-in rocket launchers.



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