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Quote1.png I live a very ordinary life. It's the life I want to live. And I'll be damned if I let it go without a fight. Quote2.png
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Honor Guest served as a deadly assassin known as the Silencer for Leviathan until Talia al Ghul allowed her to retire. She then proceeded to create a happy, normal life, marrying a man named Blake and having a son named Ben. After a civil war sparked within Leviathan, Honor was forced to return to her role as the Silencer to protect her family.

Early Life

Honor as a student at St. Hadrian's

Little is known of the early life of the girl who would later become Honor Guest, other than the fact that she wound up in a clinic owned by the scientist Jonah Nine at a young age; possibly being conceived through a clandestine science division focused on creating a superior breed of offspring using its masters hereditary template.[1] Through unknown circumstances she gained the unique ability to project zones of silence around and away from her body. The leader of the League of Assassins, Ra's al Ghul, learned of her power and hoped to recruit her to his organization. He sent her to St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls to be trained as an assassin. Ra's' daughter, Talia al Ghul, visited Honor at St. Hadrian's and saw her as the perfect candidate to help her forge a covert organization of her own, one that would replace the need of the superhero; she would call this organization Leviathan.[2][3] The daughter of the demon continued to train Honor for several years to become an agent of her orden who would do whatever she thought necessary to assist in it's creation & cause.[4] Talia gifted Honor with the Nanode, a macroscopic device that used cutting edge microscopic technology to reweave adjacent material into a battle suit or whatever else she would nee, providing Honor with various devices for her missions.[5]

Over the years Honor became more and more skillful and effective in her role as an assassin until she was given the codename of The Silencer by her mistress.[5] The Silencer displayed unyielding loyalty to Talia's cause, not once requesting for any form of release from her duty. Ra's would often send assassins from his League to combat Leviathan, hoping to sabotage the organization before it was fully fermented. However the Silencer was always able to cut these assassins down, thus keeping her lady's design afloat. In time Honor came to see Talia and Leviathan as her family, as it was all she had ever known.[2]

Meeting the Batman

The Silencer's run in with the Batman

On one occasion Honor was sent on a mission to Gotham City by Talia, but she was not informed what the premise of her mission was. When she arrived in the city she met a real-estate worker named Blake Guest, whom she hired an apartment from. She waited in the apartment for days until she was given directives from Talia, who informed her that she was there to protect the Batman from assassins sent by Ra's al Ghul. While on route to the Batman's possible locations Honor noticed a mugging undergoing. Deciding to help the victims she descended on the muggers and murdered all of them, this brought the attention of Batman who attacked the assassin for murdering the thugs.[2]

After a brief skirmish between the two fighters Ra's al Ghul's assassin the Reaper arrived. The two fought together against the powerful cybernetic warrior, but his skill and body mods proved too much for the pair of them. As the Reaper beat Batman to a pulp Silencer saw her opportunity, she grabbed the Reaper's sword from his back and used it to kill him, she then took advantage of Batman's crippled state to escape the scene with no further incidents. After the completion of the mission Honor began dating Blake Guest as she started to believe that she wanted an ordinary life for herself.[2]

End of the Silencer

The Silencer's last fight

After a sparring match against Talia Silencer worked up the courage to ask if she could be released from her eternal work. Talia agreed to let her live a normal life as long as she fulfilled one last job for her old friend. Talia ordered her to kill a former Leviathan member, Guile, who was planning to trade Leviathan's secrets to the authorities in exchange for freedom. The Silencer shadowed Guile for days and learnt that he had a family and just wanted to live an ordinary life.[6]

A few days after this Silencer made a move on Guile hoping to eliminate him and earn her freedom, only to be intercepted by Deathstroke who was widely considered to be the most effective mercenary alive. The two battled until Honor was able to temporarily disable him by kicking him out a window, she then intercepted Guile and shot him in the head before Deathstroke could recover. The mercenary informed Silencer that killing Guile would cause a civil war in Leviathan as all trust in the organisation had been broken. Honor was then able to escape from Deathstroke with her life.[6] Honor was granted her wish and left her life as an assassin behind her, settling down in Charleston, marrying Blake Guest and having a son, Ben.[5]

Back to Business

The Silencer reactivates

During her daily routine, Honor was assaulted by an old Leviathan peer known as Killbox, who told her that she was on the wrong side of the supposed Leviathan civil war. After killing Killbox, Honor went home where she was greeted by Talia al Ghul. Talia told her of the dangers the supposed war might bring upon her and her family, giving her back the nanode Silencer used as the Silencer. Blake offered to have Talia for dinner but Honor wanted nothing to do with the Leviathan Civil War, and so decided to take Talia to the airport. While driving Talia out of her neighborhood the pair were attacked by Bloodvessel and Breacher who worked for a man named Quietus - a leader of a rebel Leviathan faction. As the pair were about to kill Talia, Honor put on her suit and defended her former boss - becoming the Silencer once more.[5]

After a brief fight Honor was able to gain the upper hand on Bloodvessel and Breacher eventually killing the pair. When she turned around Talia had disappeared into the night. She then called for Leviathan Cleaners to put a lid on the whole incident, which managed to fool her husband and the rest of the neighborhood. Even though Honor had retired from Leviathan, she needed to accept a meeting with Mr. Remedy, the right hand man of Quietus. The following day, she went to a meeting with him at a "Maulmart", a weapons depot for Leviathan, where she was ambushed by dozens of assassins, in violation of Maulmart's supposedly neutral status.[7]

She managed to escape by making use of stun grenades and her powers, but was badly wounded in the process. Honor exited the Maulmart just as an orbital strike destroyed it, ordered by Quietus, who sacrificed scores of cybernetic assassins and Remedy in the process. The Silencer also threatened Talia al Ghul, saying she would kill her if the Demon's Daughter failed to put an end to the civil war, which was putting Honor's family in danger.[8]

Captured by Deathstroke, Honor fought with the mercenary but was then convinced to sell Talia al Ghul to end the Leviathan civil war after she realized that her former mentor had blown her cover and forced her into a war.[6] The next Sunday, she brought her son to a diner, where she was approached by Talia. The two of them were then ambushed by killers from both Quietus and Gunn, two underbosses warring for the control of Leviathan. Honor and Talia made short work of the ambushers but when the former head of Leviathan threatened Ben, the Silencer killed her friend and left the diner, deeply shaken by what she had done.[9]

Protecting Nightwing

Honor destroys Nightwing's bike

A short time later, Honor learnt that a Leviathan assassin called Endgame was targeting the hero Nightwing, as he wanted Nightwing as a trophy for his faction of Leviathan. Silencer decided to assist Nightwing in repelling the would be assassin. She tracked him to the Isle of Harm where he planned to take place in a cosmos spanning annual race, where the winner would be allowed to receive the answer to any question. While awaiting the beginning of the race Nightwing was attacked by Endgame, but was driven off by Silencer after she opened fire on him from a distance. Before the race Silencer noticed Endgame plant a bomb on Nightwing's bike. When the race began Silencer destroyed Nightwing's bike in order to protect him from the assassination attempt.[10]

Silencer then picked up Nightwing and explained to him why she was there, he told her that he was there to protect his friends Willem Cloke and Vicki Vale from the villainous Wyrm, who wanted Nightwing to ask a question for him that would greatly effect the cosmos. Honor was then able to help Nightwing fend off Endgame once again, knocking him out of the race in the process. When the pair reached the finish line in first place Honor bid Nightwing a farewell and wished him luck with helping his friends.[10]

Ending the Demon's Daughter

Honor battles Cradle and Grave

After the skirmish in the diner Honor seeked to end her problems once and for all, she discerned that the only way to do this was to find the body of Talia and destroy it, thus ending the woman's grasp on her family. Honor knew that Talia's body would be taken to the Lazarus Pit in Khadym for revival and so hoped to intercept and destroy it from there. Honor planned a trip for her and her family to go to Action Land, a Superman themed theme park, as it was located in Sansaro which was near the border of Khadym. During the flight to Sansaro Ben pointed out that a little boy from the diner was present on the plane, Honor immediately recognized the boy and his partner as the freelance assassins Cradle and Grave.[4]

Realizing she had to take them down covertly she drew the pair down to the cargo hold where they revealed that they were tailing her so they could inform the underbosses of Talia's location, thus earning a hefty sum of money. After hearing there reasoning the Silencer engaged the pair in combat. Cradle shot a cannon into the side of the plane hoping to kill the assassin, however the Silencer used the opportunity to send the pair flying out of the plane to their deaths. Honor and her family then reached the resort without anyone realizing what had caused the damage to the plane.[4]

After reaching the resort Honor met up with Iverson, a Leviathan data broker who she believed could help her stay out of trouble in the rogue nation of Khadym. Iverson informed Honor that the best way into the lawless nation was through a smuggling truck that occasionally made shipments into the nation. Iverson also told her that the two major players in the war were Quietus and Gunn. When she went to intercept the truck she discovered Quietus was also attempting to cross the border in order to eliminate Talia. Believing she was still an agent of Talia, Quietus attacked Honor and a fight broke out between the two of them. The pair soon came to realize that they had been set up by Talia's magical lieutenant Lady Wishbone, who wanted to eliminate two of the biggest threats to Talia's Leviathan. At that moment Honor and Quietus became afflicted by a magical spell, this spell caused the pair to swap bodies with each other, meaning Honor was now stuck in Quietus' body. When Honor went to confront Quietus about what they should do she noticed he had left.[11]

The two would engage in a battle royal like chase across the major city, but Silencer; in Quietus' body, managed to talk him into a truce lest he rig his entire faction of the underlife to spontaneously self-destruct using the drop menu feature of his Body-Modded frame.[12] The two would come to terms just as another underboss Gunn was manipulated by Wishbone into coming out into the open to gather all of Talia's adversaries into one place. The haughty Leviathan head dismissing the idea of both being manipulated and the concept of magical bodily transference up until he was eaten alive by one of the Sorcery division head's transmogrified lackeys.

The transferred duo fought against said kaiju sized minion set loose on the major metropolitan area after Honor realizes he/it was headed right for the theme park where Ben and Blake were enjoying they're vacation at. Quietus body is demolished by the magically created titan while Silencer's original vessel whips up a BFG to take it out under Honor's instruction.[13]

Back in the Underlife

The rise of Talia, fall of The Silencer.

After the spells cast which swapped their minds and made Wishbone's acolyte Michael into a titan were undone by the enchanter, Silencer and Quietus opt to head out and prevent Talia's resurrection in the Khadym Mountains. They fight their way through a small contingent of Leviathan Body-Mod thugs only to end their confrontation with one of it's top enforcers; Raze, they duel to a short lived draw which ultimately leads to the disappointment of mission failure. As the daughter of the demon is not only fully revived, but had personally invited every warring faction of her crumbling organization to her reindoctrinating as their leader,[14] As it turned out, Mrs. Guest's former handler/mentor had purposely instigated the entire Leviathan civil war as a means of culling the fat which weighed it down. By thinning the heard she made it more viable as a sanction than ever before, as well as consolidated her grip upon it's structuring and leadership. But the Silencer would not submit willingly to her return to prominence and personally challenged the reinstated leadership as well as the newfound army at her command. The two would battle it out for a bit until Talia made a promise (truthfully, a thinly veiled threat) to do everything within her power to keep her kin safe. A flex the Al Ghul made good on when showing her wayward enforcer a live feed of Honor's husband and their son at a U.S. Embassy. Where they were grieving for the matrons loss with a Leviathan Operative working their case as a deep cover infiltrator. Seeing no other options, Silencer willfully submitted herself back into the hated criminal mastermind's network. She is ceremoniously killed off not long afterwards as retribution for the latter's prior death in the past.[15]

After being stabbed in the chest before her kicking out a window by Talia, Honor Guest is soon resurrected within the Lazarus Pit by her handler and the headwoman's chief biotech engineer Jonah Nine.[16] All with the intent of remaking her into a blank slate drone whom will serve her unconditionally, without the annoying identity issues which made her so uncontrollable in the first place. Unbeknownst to the two however, Honor's inherent familial affinity made her resilient enough to retain her memories, even once upon coming out of the reanimatory well.

Feeling confident enough in her reconditioning. Talia sends Silencer back out into the world cleaning up remnants of her disloyal factions. One such independent named Zygo's had absconded with sensitive eugenics templates for biological experimentation. After having efficiently cleaned house, Honor finds out her target had been dabbling in research related to old work her mistress's proginator had men in the League's employ dabbling in. She finds out from Talia about her being a product of cutting edge genetics research, Silencer is dismayed to find out the only reason why the Demon's daughter took an interest in her was so she could have the "better child" her sire wanted under her thumb as a testament to the parental difficulties the al Ghul grew up with.[1] She and her biological analogue Raze, would be dispatched to a mobile laboratory off the Gulf of Mexico owned by Zygo's buyer; Dr. Splice. Whilst there they encounter yet another product of the research the Al Ghul's had been probing for decades. A pale looking individual named Smoke who too had been an artificially gestated offspring of the Demon's Head. Whom didn't take to kindly that her own, essentially, family had come to erase her after probing Silencer's thoughts. Smoke would soon make her way to Honor's familial life, intent on taking the civilian identity her would-be assassin left behind as her own.[17]

Silencer's extended familial dysfunctionality.

The Silencer ends up chasing Smoke all the way to an auto dealership near the Mexican U.S. Boarder. They end up demolishing the vicinity before Smoke makes off in a supped up hotrod headed straight for Honor's kin. During the fracas, it is brought to light that Talia's right hand woman hadn't been as properly reigned in as she believed. And after initiating a lockdown, ordered her best cleaner back in preparation for the inevitable invasion by her maverick sibling.[17]

Honor would refuse this mandate as she was more concerned for her Spouse & young son's wellbeing. Knowing full well her ersatz sibling was looking for them as well, vowing to do everything within her power to keep them safe. Being acutely aware that despite her promises, that Talia herself would not. Guest finds herself breaking and entering into her own home after a while of patching herself up for her final round against Smoke.[18] The only problem being the latter had already beaten her there and had her son ben as a hostage. But quick thinking on the former super killer's part gave Honor a temporary advantage, their fight to the death shook the household. Until finally The Silencer managed debilitating her errant mirror image enough for her old home's underlife security systems to vaporize her on the spot. Afterwards she would vanish from her husband and child's view like a ghost, leaving the father with more questions than answers. Calling in another favor from Aftermarket to reunite her with the family she made; Silencer comes to the somber conclusion that Talia will never honor her vow to protect this newfound normality. Proven time after time to be a wildly untrustworthy individual whom cares nothing for loyalty or kindred any more than keeping to her word. Making a new vow to retain her public facsimile as a suburban housewife while moonlighting the alter ego she so desperately tried to bury half a decade prior to Leviathan's resurgence to protect herself and hers, no matter what it takes.[19]

After things settle down for a bit, Honor Guest eases herself back into her family's good graces. Something which is difficult to accomplish with Blakes ever growing suspicions of his wife's hidden proclivities. Her double life as Leviathan's boogeyman didn't help matters, considering she needed to infiltrate another Maulmart in order to find out why it is that the titular organization had suddenly gone dark. On her way in, she is met by a formerly welcoming store clerk, now adorning the latest in high munitions tech battle mantles.

As it turns out, Rita the Greeter lived through Quietus' kinetic bombardment of the Charleston division of said underlife convenience chain and was now the security specialist of her new job position. Being non-too happy with her former contemporary due to her breaking the disownment code of the Maulmart centers; Silencer is demanded to vacate the premise while imparting about how their shared benefactors have now gone to ground as a new power is seemingly reorganizing its infrastructure from the ground up.[20] On her way back out she meets up with Aftermarket and Detail out in the parking lot to say her final goodbyes. Later that night, Honor spends the quite moment she has enjoying what she longed for most. Once upon tucking in her son Ben for the night when after reading him a favorite bedtime story, she notices a spook waiting outside their house and goes out to meet them. Having requested a late night meeting with Slade Wilson, seeking to inquire about Leviathan's latest activity. The Terminator gives his old rival much the same rundown that Rita shared with Guest. The outfit has gone dark and nobody can tell if it's prime movers are making more power moves or if they're just running scared.

All that there is to know, is that crime society is imploding on itself. Slade suggesting to her that The Silencer ought to retire while she can as he's getting out while the goings good. Honor retorts her intent to but is a bit unnerved by the prospect of silence which she didn't cause from them. But takes his advice and the two part ways on amicable terms.[20] Whilst unsure of what the future holds, either Leviathan, a mutated maniac or a simple delivery boy coming to her doorstep. Honor promises no matter what may come, she will be ready.

Leviathan Rising

With her former mistress back on the outs again after losing hold over her organization once more. Honor would spend time as the de facto point woman for investigating it's usurpers true identity. Having been sent out to spy on stately Wayne Manor to keep tabs on Talia's beloved and their offspring's activities; the caped crusader and boy wonder doing their own probing into Leviathan's recent activities.[21] Honor finds herself both intrigued by the sudden departer of Lois Lane; being a fan of her news articles, from the premises. As well as unnerved by the equally abrupt, as well as literal, takeoff of Krypton's Last Son from said stakeout point. Talia was so startled by her findings, she ordered her to do the same, immediately. To which Silencer unerringly complies.

Later on as the team of detectives come to their own conclusions about what the new mystery agenda of Leviathans current handler is. Honor accompanies Talia as the two get their attentions. By which the Silencer blasts one of Batman's supped up automobiles everyone is riding in with a grenade launcher.[22]

After a bit of debating, the entire gathering heads out to where Superman last vacated to intercept Leviathan; whose identity is later revealed to be the previous Manhunter whom predated Cate Spencer, Mark Shaw. A battle would break out between the old generation with the current world order that would defuse when the organization head ported out. After her tenuous ally had been disabled by Green Arrow, Honor would opt to defuse the tensions by revealing to everyone what she knows about the way Leviathan is currently run.[23]


As the world came under the influence of evil during Year of the Villain. Honor Guest was out sight seeing at Boston Harbor with her family as her husband was looking to land a job in the local area, when Wonder Woman and The Cheetah came crashing in on the formers Invisible Jet. Feeling that the two's battle could endanger Ben and Blake, the wayward housewife donned her nanotech clad silhouette of her alter ego and jumped between them as The Silencer.[24]

The trio would battle it out relentlessly all across the seaside environment, Diana bartering with the headstrong assassin about ethics and their differing approaches to problems when the latter kept trying to deep six their shared adversary. Diana manages to curb her errant nemesis's misguided quest to bleed the gods & goddesses for a time. But hostilities begin anew as Mrs. Guest kicked up the battle all over again. Adamant in putting Cheetah down for good with or without the princess's leeway. As the conflict intensifies, Honor still fighting with the Amazon over how to deal with Minerva. They are all soon interrupted by the presence of the Goddess Hera.[24]

After her dramatic presentation Cheetah immediately sets upon the goddess while the wearied spectators watch on. Silencer opts to put one in Cheetah's skull while she's distracted, but Wonder Woman opts for the alternative again.[25] As things began to intensify; fighting seemingly raging out of control, Silencer opts for leaving both the irate deity and her would be godslayer out to pasture. Moving to put Diana out of the fight temporarily so she can put said almighty harridan and the feral misotheist down for good.

Quick thinking from the "truth queen" instead managed to somewhat defuse the situation further bloodshed,r so it seemed. To affect her design after Diana retrieved her 'golden prefect'. Silencer readied her aim as the God Killer's set back on the warpath; enraged at losing the Lasso she'd repurposed. Having easily dispatched Honor in a brief melee but eventually submitting to her one final time as Diana saw through the flawed design of her mad crusade. Despite accepting defeat from the amazon. In an escape attempt, Barbara chucked the God Killer sword like a ballistic.

It barely missed Hera only to be lodged through Honor's shoulder. The former of whom chastises her uneasy ally/adversary for letting their quarry escape; but admitted a begrudging respect for the Amazon's ways just the same.[25] The hardened killer having kindly rejected her offer of remedial aid both from the Justice League and the halls of Themyscira when offered as she tends to her own wounds with Diana's supervision.


Silence Manipulation: The Silencer can create zones of total silence. She can control the size, shape and duration of these "silence zones".[5] However, there is a certain size limit which prevents her from expanding the zones too far from her body.[8]

  • Intangibility Cancelation: Honor's silence field dampens phase oscillation by effecting sound waves, as such The Silencer can set up an interference pattern which disrupts ghosting ability.[19]
  • Vertigo Effect: Silencer can use her meta power to sap the sound out from ones inner ear, leaving the affected individual heavily disoriented for a brief moment.[26]


  • Acrobatics: The Silencer is highly agile, during her skirmish with the Batman she was capable of performing feats of parkour usually reserved for professionals of the sport, and she did this at incredibly speeds.[2]
  • Driving: Honor is incredibly skillful at riding a motor cycle, as well as being able to drive cars. She has shown herself capable of firing her weaponry while mobile, as well as being capable of fighting off Endgame when he attempted to ram his bike into hers.[10]
  • Firearms: The Silencer is highly efficient in the use of pistols and heavier firearms.[8]
  • Knife Mastery: The Silencer is an expert with knives, even using improvised objects such as pencils on occasions with near lethal efficiency.[5]
    • Throwing: Silencer is capable of throwing knives with lethal accuracy, even when she is on the move.[7]
  • Swordsmanship: Honor is an avid swordsman as well.[14]
  • Martial Arts: Honor was trained from a very young age to fight. She has beaten the likes of Talia al Ghul on two separated occasions, even when she was exhausted.[6][27] Her skills in battle has allowed her to deliver solid blows on the likes of Deathstroke, thus holding her own against him, for a while.[6][9] She has shown herself to be capable of going toe-to-toe with the great Batman in hand-to-hand combat. She has also shown the ability to disarm and disable several trained assassins in a matter of seconds using nothing but her bare hands.[2]
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): The Silencer an incredibly adept CQC expert, having been trained to be the best by Ms. Al Ghul herself.[1][6] Such a skilled and accomplished fist fighter that she is, Honor Guest is capable of taking on the likes of vastly physically superior foes, like cybernetically augmented body-mod's or even Barbara Minerva; The Cheetah alongside her greatest rival, Diana Prince a.k.a the Wonder Woman. Having battled her to a standstill in several instances.[25]
  • Peak Human Condition: For a majority of her life the Silencer worked as Talia al Ghul's personal assassin, this meant she trained her body to perfection in order to perform her duties.[5]
    • Peak Human Durability: Due to years of training Honor possesses a body that can resist high amounts of damage. During her fight with Quietus she was thrown several feet into barrels, causing the metal to bend out of shape, and was able to stand up and continue fighting as if she had been unaffected.[5] During her fight with the Batman Honor was kicked several feet into a car and was completely unphased.[2]
    • Peak Human Reflexes: Due to her years of training Honor possesses near superhuman level reflexes. When Batman threw a trio of Batarangs at the Silencer she was able to slap them all out of the air before they made contact with her.[2]
    • Peak Human Strength: After years of strength training Honor possessed a strength level that was as high as her body type allowed. During her fight with Ra's al Ghul's assassin she took the sword of the behemoth and killed him with it, this sword was taller then him and yet she wielded it with ease.[2] She was also able to use a portion of a lamp post as a weapon, something that would be incredibly heavy.[7]
  • Tactical Analysis: Honor had shown the ability to analyze her opponents. If the adversary is a cyborg like many of the Leviathan Organization she is able to discern the nature of these cybernetics as well as how to disable them, she showcased this ability during her fight with Killbox.[5]


  • Nanode: The Nanode is a multi-functional device, able to reweave clothes to produce the Silencer's armor and then return it to her civilian clothing in seconds. It can also produce stun grenades and various items once its scanning option has been used.