Hopalong Cassidy is the franchise built around the fictional cowboy hero from the short stories and novels by Clarence E. Mulford. However, the best-known version of the franchise is the series of movies starring William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy.



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  • DC Comics gained the Hopalong Cassidy license in 1954, when Fawcett Comics (the previous license-holder) left the comics business. Fawcett had been publishing Hopalong Cassidy since 1943. Because DC eventually acquired Fawcett (in 1991), the Fawcett Hopalong Cassidy comics are included in this database.


  • Hopalong Cassidy existed in some form on New Earth, as Hoppy Greene was named after him. Whether he was a well-known fictional character (as on our Earth) or a real person is unknown.

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