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Hope Taya is Lex Luthor's bodyguard along with her partner, Mercy Graves.

Very little is known about her past, but she is of Amazon heritage.[2] Hope is the "good cop" of her partnership with Graves, appearing calm and personable in comparison with Mercy's hotheadedness.

When Lex Luthor becomes President of the United States and fails to prevent an invasion of Topeka, Kansas, Hope turns against him. She goes to the Daily Planet and tells her story to Lois Lane, who intends to report what Hope reveals about Luthor's shady activities as the President.

Before the story is published, Clark Kent has his name put on the story to protect Lane. Lane and Kent attempt to reveal Hope as their informant, but she retracts her story. President Luthor, worried about impeachment on the strength of Hope's testimony, abducts her and imprisons her below Lexcorp. While in his power, she is tortured and lobotomized. Superman rescues her after Talia Head alerts him to her imprisonment.


  • Currently enrolled in the Witness Relocation Program to evade an abusive husband.[3]



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