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Horace Lafeaugh aka Tusker once tried to audition for the Legion of Super-Heroes. His powers were to extend his unbreakable tusks to extreme lengths. Horace was rejected on the grounds that his powers were impractical.

Many years later, Horace went on a crime spree with his girlfriend, Eyeful Ethel but the pair was defeated by the Legion of Substitute-Heroes.

Over time, Tusker's powers evolved so he no longer had just unbreakable tusks, but he now had an unbreakable skeleton and enhanced durability. He mutates into a large, gray-skinned, monstrous creature.

Tusker then joins the xenophobic superhero group called the Justice League of Earth. The team was made up of Earth-born Legion rejects obsessed with spreading lies about Superman's origin. They believe that Superman was human and that all aliens should be deported from the planet. The team consisted of leader: Earth Man, as well as Spider-Girl, Golden Boy, Storm Boy, and Radiation Roy.

The Legion defeated the team with the help of Superman, and they were sent to the prison planet: Takron-Galtos.

When Superboy-Prime returned, he freed the inmates of Takron-Galtos and formed a new Legion of Super-Villains, which included the Fatal Five and the Justice League of Earth.

Tusker and Justice League of Earth attacked the United Planets Government Complex in Metropolis. The League was going to kill the President of Earth "for crimes against humanity" but Tusker and the team are electrocuted by Legionnaire Lightning Lad.


  • Accelerated Tusk Growth: Horace's body generates bony protrusions from his mouth which appear like tusks. He can make them grow to great lengths and they can cut through most materials. The tusks are as strong as ivory.
  • Hyper-Accelerated Metabolism: His metabolism is the basis of what fuels his abilities to the way that they have manifested.
  • Bone Structure Durability: His skeleton seems to be also more durable than normal. He easily survived heavy hits on several body parts. He has received hits without creating much damage.
  • Accelerated Healing: allows him to heal from the wounds he gives himself while removing the bones from his body. This power also grows his bones quickly and regenerates his bones when they need to be replaced.
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Reflexes



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