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The Horde are an ancient warrior tribe living in Europe in the 6th Century.


They are ruled by the Questing Queen and her lover the wizard Mordru.

Vandal Savage would eventually become a general in the Horde, a gigantic army of Visigoths. Though Savage would join them in the fall of Rome, he would leave the Horde and would detest them. Savage's main disdain for them came from the fact that the Visigoths were actually seeing themselves as Romans, but priding themselves for the Romans' collapse.

Following the fall of Camelot, the world would be put into the heart of the Dark Ages and Savage would be at the center of a plot to destroy what was left of civilization. He is banished from the Horde and forced into exile. He joined a group of warriors known as the Demon Knights. The Knights did battle with the Queen and the Horde as they tried to destroy the village of Little Spring. He however was welcomed back into the Horde and betrayed the Knights. He was once again a General in his army.



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