The Host is an ancient demon that placed three known Fountain of Youths on Earth, and one of which was placed in present day Tranquility, Oregon.

In the 19th century, the Host was responsible for the deaths of The Coyote Kid's family as he made a deal with the Kid's deceased enemies to seek revenge on their nemesis as zombies to feast on his loved ones.

Freddie Beasley

"Funky" Freddie Beasley

By the modern era The Host took the identity and form of a D-list television dance show host as "Funky" Freddie Beasley who acts in the Faustian tradition of contracting mortals for their souls, and was known to have sponsored the Tranquili-Teens. The Host was also responsible for Zombie Zeke's current state. During the 1950s, Zeke was a famous pop star who turned to The Host for help due to his failing popularity from his sponsors because of his age. The Host have Ezekial sign his contract in return for never aging. But, to his own bargain of the contract The Host scarred Ezekial's face, thus ruining his life.

The Host was later angered when the Fountain of Youth in Tranquility was destroyed and sought to punish the entire townspeople. In doing so, he recruited two earthly agents, The Typist and Emoticon as part of the tradition of three, which is in a reverse version of the Holy Trinity. The first signs of The Host's vengeance was having the town's deceased, most especially from the superpowered, to relive as zombies to attack the living. But most especially to used them who are close to certain people in order to put anguish and misery upon them. In preventing the most powerful Maxi, Maximum Man from foiling his plans, the Host spoke the magic word ("Naetaceh") that revert him back into Kevin and prevent him from becoming Maximum Man. The Host and his trinity later focus their attention on Mongoose Man and Captain Cobra, to see them dead. They are then confronted by The Coyote Kid, who has a special ivory bullet that could kill The Host. However, The Host mystically stole the Kid's bullet and fatally shoot him with his own gun. As he was gloating over the Kid, Minxy Million crash her plane onto him. The Host emerges from the wreckage and fully transformed into his true demonic form, and battling the combine powers of Mongoose Man, Captain Cobra, Minxy Million, and Emoticon, who renege and morally doubt his alliance. As The Host remain invulnerable to the heroes' attacks, Zombie Zeke return and painfully sever his right foot which cause him to lost hold over Kevin's transformation into Maximum Man. After brushing aside Zeke, The Host is then imprisoned by a mystically powered Tommy Lindo with help from Black Glider and Salabal. Following this The Coyote Kid finally kills The Host with the ivory bullet which went through his left eye.




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