Hosun Park was a skilled hacker and technical wunderkind whose services were enlisted by Slade Wilson.

Hosun eventually learned of his employer's true identity--the infamous mercenary Deathstroke--and agreed to testify against him when Slade was taken into custody by Superman.[1] Deathstroke soon escaped from his supermax prison, however, prompting Hosun to seek out Rose Wilson in Minneapolis. Fearing for his life, Hosun insistently proposed to Rose, believing that Deathstroke would be unwilling to seek vengeance against his daughter's husband.[2] The bizarre courtship continued until Rose ultimately consented to marriage--not to protect Hosun, but as a means to spite her estranged father.[3]

Eventually, Hosun and Rose did grow close as they fell in love, much to Slade's contempt. He contnuied to act as an assistant for Slade until Slade evetually went crazy and died shortly afterward. However, Slade somehow reappeared in Hosun's apartment a few days later. This was in reality, an alternate reality counterpart of Slade. He didn't recognize Hosun, but in order to hurt Adeline in this world and Slade's family, he executed Hosun in public.[4]




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