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The Timeship is a conveyance capable of moving through both time and space (most time travel vessels can only move through time).


It was constructed in the 853rd Century and is composed completely of tachyon particles. The advanced android known as Hourman used the timeship as a valuable tool during his brief tenures with both the JLA and JSA. Early in his career, Hourman elected to give up a significant quantity of his own power and kept just enough to give him limited time-vision capabilities and to empower the timeship.[1]

Soon after, Hourman gave his friends Snapper Carr and Bethany Lee a trip on the Timeship, and they became victims of the machinations of Epoch. Epoch forced Hourman to expend all of his energy and stranded them aboard the ship within the Timepoint.[1]

As a member of the JSA, Hourman used the timeship to bring his teammate Hawkgirl back to the time of ancient Egypt in a desperate attempt to prevent the magus Mordru from taking possession of the power of Nabu.[2]

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