"The Vengeance of Voodoo Annie": Henry Jarrett and his brother George own a toy company. George's wife Connie is in love with Henry, but George is too oblivious to notice. Connie wants Henry to kill his brother so she and Henry can be together.

House of Mystery #227 is an issue of the series House of Mystery (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1974.

Appearing in "The Vengeance of Voodoo Annie"






Synopsis for "The Vengeance of Voodoo Annie"

Henry Jarrett and his brother George own a toy company. George's wife Connie is in love with Henry, but George is too oblivious to notice. Connie wants Henry to kill his brother so she and Henry can be together.

Henry visits Voodoo Annie, who makes a voodoo doll of George. When Henry returns to his high-rise apartment, Connie thinks the doll is ridiculous and throws it off the balcony. Hours later, Henry and Connie learn that George has died in an apparent suicide, plunging twenty-three stories to his death. Connie is overjoyed; she and Henry can now be together, and they'll inherit George's money.

Several days later, the police arrest Connie after finding a note in George's apartment. The note indicates that George feared Connie would attempt to kill him. As the police take Connie into custody, Henry thinks back to how he himself planted the note in an effort to get rid of Connie and keep George's money for himself.

Shortly thereafter, Voodoo Annie calls Henry and demands $50,000. If he refuses, she'll tell the police that he murdered his brother. Henry meets Voodoo Annie on a secluded cliffside, where she threatens him with a voodoo doll fashioned in his own likeness. But before she can stick a pin in the doll's head, Henry shoots her. As her lifeless body falls to the ground, she drops the doll, and it becomes entangled in some branches on the side of the cliff. Henry is worried that the doll could fall, thereby injuring him, so he attempts to retrieve it. However, he plummets to his death.

Months later, the police discover Henry's body. They also find the body of Voodoo Annie, who was wanted for committing murder on her clients' behalf and then blackmailing them.

Appearing in "The Haunting Wind"


  • Dan Russell (Only appearance; dies)
  • Jim Nelson (Only appearance; dies)
  • Tuan (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "The Haunting Wind"

This story is reprinted from The Phantom Stranger #2.

Dan Russell and Jim Nelson are in Tibet, exploring a mountain with the help of a local guide. They come upon a doorway leading into the mountain and discover a huge treasure trove. The guide warns them not to take anything, as the wind god will become angry. But Dan disregards the warning and takes a ring. As the explorers make their descent, a fierce gust of wind blows Jim off the mountain, and he falls to his death.

Dan heads home to the United States on a steamer. In the middle of the ocean, a hurricane blows him overboard. He spends a day drifting on a piece of floating debris, but he's eventually saved by a passing freighter. Next, Dan boards a plane and experiences horrible turbulence.

When he's finally back in the States, the wind severely whips a bridge that he's crossing. He makes it across just before the bridge collapses. Finally, Dan seeks safety in a nearby building. However, it turns out to be a wind tunnel, and Dan is killed by the spinning fans.

Somehow, the ring comes off Dan's finger and ends up back in the treasure trove in Tibet.

Appearing in "Cry, Clown, Cry"

Featured Characters:

  • Coco the clown

Synopsis for "Cry, Clown, Cry"

This story is reprinted from House of Secrets #51.

Coco the Clown is desperate to get more laughs. While visiting a museum exhibit about the history of clowns, he steals a magical elixir that belonged to a famous English court jester. Coco drinks the elixir, and his act becomes so hilarious that it causes several near-disasters. Coco realizes he must stop being funny so that nobody gets hurt. But his attempts to make people weep only end in laughter. Finally, he rescues a baby that has crawled onto the ledge of a building. The baby's mother cries tears of joy, thus breaking Coco's curse.

Appearing in "The Town That Lost Its Face"

Featured Characters:

  • Jay Bufford

Supporting Characters:

  • Dr. Burton

Other Characters:

  • Mayor Nelson
  • Miss Potter
  • Mike
  • Ellen


Synopsis for "The Town That Lost Its Face"

This story is reprinted from House of Secrets #50.

Dr. Jay Bufford is on his way back to his hometown, which he hasn't visited in years. As he flies past the local mountain in his private helicopter, he spots Stone Face, a well-known rock formation that looks like a featureless face. Jay puts his helicopter on autopilot and climbs down a ladder, hoping to be the first person to see Stone Face from up close. However, he's overcome by dizziness and barely makes it back to his helicopter.

Later, when Jay arrives in town, he catches up with the mayor and his old teacher. Next, he pays a visit to the two friends with whom he'll be staying. Finally, he goes to the office of Dr. Burton, whom he'll be working with.

Suddenly, the mayor stumbles into Dr. Burton's office, and his face has started to disappear. He explains that the same thing is happening to Miss Potter, Jay's old teacher. As the mayor's face disappears completely, Jay's two friends burst into the office, and the same thing is happening to them.

Jay realizes the problem must be connected to Stone Face, so he gets into his helicopter and blows up the rock formation with several sticks of dynamite. But when he returns to town, he discovers that everyone's face is still blank, including Dr. Burton's. Everyone Jay has talked to is affected.

Jay decides to spend his life in exile, because he cannot risk causing others to suffer the same fate. As he's packing, he notices an old blanket hanging on his wall. The blanket depicts three images. The first shows an American Indian spirit carving Stone Face, complete with eyes, a nose, and a mouth. The second and third images show an evil spirit taking the face off the mountain and leaving behind a featureless face.

Jay now understands what he must do. He loads a jackhammer into his helicopter and carves a perfect likeness of the original Stone Face, as depicted on his blanket. Back in town, everyone's face goes back to normal.

Appearing in "The Weird World of Anton Borka"

Featured Characters:

  • Anton Borka

Other Characters:

  • Anton's father
  • vagabond
  • invisible creatures
  • village boy
  • mob


  • medieval Europe


  • 3 magic beans

Synopsis for "The Weird World of Anton Borka"

This story is reprinted from House of Secrets #37.

When Anton Borka was a child, his father told him to take a bucket of milk into town and sell it. On his way, Anton met a man who hadn't had anything to eat or drink in days. Anton offered him a sip of the milk, but the man drank every drop. To repay Anton, the man gave him three seeds, which he claimed would give Anton wealth and happiness.

Anton's father was furious, and he threw the seeds away near a mountaintop. Days later, Anton returned to the mountaintop and found three giant plants. When he cut them open, a strange creature emerged from each one. A boy from the village saw Anton talking, but he couldn't see the creatures. The boy returned to town and accused Anton of being crazy.

When Anton grew up, he always seemed to have good fortune: his crops did not suffer during a drought, and they did not suffer during a flood. The townsfolk suspected Anton of making a pact with evil forces, so they set out to destroy his farm.

Anton returned to the mountaintop for the first time in years. There he saw the creatures, who revealed that they were the ones responsible for his fortune. But then the creatures insisted on punishing Anton's neighbors for their cruel behavior. Anton tried to stop them, but to no avail. The town suffered a lightning strike and then a rockslide.

The creatures' final act of vengeance was a flood. Just as the rushing waters threatened the town's bridge, Anton explained to the creatures that he would never be able to live in peace with his neighbors if the bridge were destroyed, because everyone would blame him for it. The creatures finally understood, so they quickly shoveled huge piles of dirt in front of the bridge, thereby saving it. The townsfolk still couldn't see the creatures, but they knew Anton was responsible for saving the bridge. The creatures bid Anton farewell, and the townsfolk finally accepted Anton.

Appearing in "Demons Are Made . . . Not Born"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Demons Are Made . . . Not Born"

Ludwig Kruzz meets with Solyomi, a shop owner who sells occult books. After decades of searching, Solyomi has finally acquired "The Chronicles of Satan," a book written by the Prince of Evil himself. Kruzz and Solyomi hope to learn a spell that will enable them to summon a demon and make it do their bidding. However, the book states that demons cannot be summoned. Instead, demons must be created.

Suddenly, Kruzz pulls a gun and shoots Solyomi. Now, Kruzz will have the demon all to himself. Kruzz flees to his home and casts the spell to create a demon. But much to his surprise, Kruzz himself turns into a demon. Satan emerges from the flames and explains that Kruzz is now his eternal slave.

Appearing in "The Girl in the Glass Sphere"





Synopsis for "The Girl in the Glass Sphere"

This story is reprinted from House of Mystery #72.

Wealthy treasure hunter Edward Yaeger disembarks from his yacht with a beautiful woman, and he quickly ushers her into a carriage equipped with a soundproof glass cover. Mr. Palmer, a reporter, decides to follow them. Later, Yaeger and his date attend the opera, and she wears a plastic bubble over her head. Later still, at a restaurant, she sits enclosed in a glass dome.

Palmer interviews several of Yaeger's contacts, but nobody can explain why he keeps the woman covered. Finally, a dock worker explains that Yaeger was recently involved in a shipwreck. He was stranded on Shipwreck Island, but the other two crewmembers escaped in a lifeboat. After a passing ship saved Yaeger, he started buying large amounts of building materials.

The next morning, Palmer sees Yaeger's boat leaving the docks. Palmer hires a skiff and follows Yaeger to Shipwreck Island. There the reporter finds Yaeger, who tells him the story. On the night of the shipwreck, Yaeger's two crewmates were entranced and sailed into the rocks. When Yaeger regained consciousness on Shipwreck Island, he saw a beautiful woman named Laurie. She brought him to her treasure trove and said it was all his. Yaeger used the money to build Laurie a house on the mainland, but she was unhappy there because she had a terrible secret.

As Yeager is about to finish his story, he sees a beacon flashing, indicating that Laurie is in danger. Thieves are stealing treasure from Laurie's garden. However, as Laurie starts singing, the thieves become hypnotized and start walking toward the edge of a cliff. Palmer becomes hypnotized too, and he's just a few steps behind the thieves.

Yaeger tells Laurie to stop singing. Then he saves Palmer and ties up the thieves. When Palmer regains his senses, he realizes that Laurie is actually Lorelei, the siren who lures sailors to their doom. Yaeger explains that he's not affected by the singing because he's deaf. He understands people by reading lips.

A few minutes later, Yaeger discovers that Laurie has left him a note, saying that she's leaving him. She believes she can only bring him unhappiness. Even so, Yaeger sets off in his yacht, determined to find her. Meanwhile, Palmer takes the thieves back to the mainland and decides not to write his story because nobody would believe it.

Appearing in "The Carriage Man"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Carriage Man"

A couple is enjoying a carriage ride in Central Park, when suddenly their driver turns into a werewolf and kills them. The next morning, the police interview a witness who claims she saw a hairy beast, but Lieutenant Brandon laughs it off.

Meanwhile, Henry Plimpton, the carriage driver is back in human form. He's spending a day in the park with Elaine Ratner, a young blind woman whom he cares for her as if she were his own daughter. After Elaine leaves, Henry turns into a werewolf and kills a police officer who was dressed as a decoy to lure the killer. Lieutenant Brandon and Sergeant Davis shoot at the beast, but it gets away. However, they discover an abandoned carriage. They check the vehicle's registration number, which leads them to Henry.

The next morning, Brandon and Davis go to Henry's apartment. Henry claims his carriage was stolen. The officers think he's lying, but they're not convinced that he's a werewolf.

Davis spends the day following Henry but comes up with no evidence. So, Brandon and Davis go to Elaine's apartment and tell her they're Henry's friends. They say they're planning to throw him a surprise party tomorrow night, and they ask Elaine to make up a reason for Henry to come over.

Henry arrives the following afternoon, and he spends several hours reading to Elaine. As the sun is setting, he becomes nervous and tells Elaine he has to leave, but she asks him to stay a little longer. He turns into a werewolf, and the police burst into Elaine's apartment. The officers shoot Henry with silver bullets, and he dies. Elaine is blind, so she begs the officers to explain what's happening. They tell her that Henry was the maniac killer they were after.


  • The brothers Nestor and Frank Redondo did the cover for this issue and are credited as Redondo Studios.
  • "Quico Redondo" is a pen name for Frank Redondo.
  • On the cover and in the table of contents, the sixth story is listed as "Demons Are Born -- Not Made." However, in the story itself, the title is "Demons Are Made . . . Not Born." The latter is correct, as explained by Solyomi in the story.


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