"What Happened to Harry Sanders?": Matt Sanders watches his brother Harry come down to earth from space in a balloon. Upon landing, Harry Sanders seems distracted, something quickly observed by the surrounding newsmen. Matt hustles his brother off to his quiet home in a converted lighthouse.

House of Secrets #20 is an issue of the series House of Secrets (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1959.

Appearing in "What Happened to Harry Sanders?"

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Synopsis for "What Happened to Harry Sanders?"

Matt Sanders watches his brother Harry come down to earth from space in a balloon. Upon landing, Harry Sanders seems distracted, something quickly observed by the surrounding newsmen. Matt hustles his brother off to his quiet home in a converted lighthouse. Harry still appears disoriented, first trying to enter a sealed-off door and then choosing to sleep in Matt's room instead of the guest room. Later that night, Matt walks outside to find Harry floating on the water. A few days later, Matt sees the lighthouse floating in the air. After these weird happenings, a huge downpour brings Matt and Harry inside. Matt confronts Harry about the "deadly" rain, and Harry reveals himself as an alien in disguise. The alien, L'Dwa, declares his race will not come to the earth and gives Matt the real Harry. Later, Matt reveals to his brother that he treated the alien's clothing with sulphur dioxide to trick him into thinking earth's rainwater was deadly.

Appearing in "I Was Shipwrecked With a Space Creature"

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Synopsis for "I Was Shipwrecked With a Space Creature"

A man is washed overboard in the South Pacific during a typhoon. He lands on a deserted island only to find it is also inhabited by a strange humanoid creature. The creature approaches him, paralyzing the man and activating its translator to declare it is an alien whose spaceship has crash landed on the island. The two agree to aid in escaping the island by building a boat. The man quickly grows paranoid and suspicious of the alien, observing its advanced technology and superhuman strength.The narrator decides to hide a motor from his wrecked boat until the boat the duo are working on is complete in order to strand the alien on the island. The man grows even more suspicious after seeing the alien wandering the island at night and completing repairs on the spaceship. Despite his guilt over abandoning his newfound comrade, the man executes his plan. When he reaches the boat, he discovers the motor has disappeared and is confronted by the alien. After a brief tussle, the alien explains that he took the motor apart in order to use it for parts to repair his spaceship. He also reveals that he himself was afraid of what human authorities would do to an alien. The next day, the alien uses his ship to pull the boat close to an Australian port. The narrator reflects on the fact that both were suspicious of one another because of their differences but that this suspicion is the true enemy.

Appearing in "The Secret of Hunter-Magic"

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Synopsis for "The Secret of Hunter-Magic"

Dennis and his servant Movalo are exploring the South African mountains when a cave-in occurs. The two survive the disaster and discover a newly revealed cavern wall displaying a cave painting along with a gourd filled with green herbs. Dennis reveals that the ancient peoples believed using the herbs on their paintings would guarantee a successful hunt but refuses to believe such superstitions. When their camp is attacked by a lion, Mavolo seemingly deserts Dennis to his fate. Suddenly, the lion drops dead and Mavolo reveals that he drew a sketch of the lion and made his handprint on the image. Dennis is still skeptical but is later convinced when a rampaging elephant drops dead in the same manner. Dennis' return to the United States is published in the papers, enticing some local crooks who want to steal some art. While Dennis displays the power of the herbs, the crooks observe the demonstration and steal the gourd. Dennis and Mavolo follow the fleeing crooks in hot pursuit. The crooks take advantage of the magic and stymie the following heroes by first destroying a bridge and then breaking into a museum, sealing the heavy doors behind them. Unwittingly one of the criminals incorrectly draws the door, releasing the police, who quickly arrest them. In the end, the thief drops the gourd, spilling its contents. While Dennis has them analyzed, the herbs have lost their magic.

Appearing in "The Incredible Fireball Creatures"

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Synopsis for "The Incredible Fireball Creatures"

Frank and Abel are prospecting for cleveite ore. Hopping into their helicopter to retrieve TNT, the pair are set upon by fireballs. They land and witness the fireballs morph into humanoid form and begin racing through the woods. In order to stop them, Frank and Abel first contact the forest rangers. The rangers attempt to douse the fireball creatures with a chemical spray but the creatures avoid it by burrowing underground. Next, the miners contact a local army artillery unit. After witnessing the creatures turn a river into steam, the miners then watch as the artillery shells are melted on contact with the creatures. The creatures burn through a field and run inside the cleveite mine Frank and Abel had previously discovered. The men plan to blow up the mine: Abel will pull the TNT plunger while Frank will warn surrounding people. Suddenly, Frank receives a huge revelation and stops Abel from destroying the mine. The creatures exit the mine, reenter fireball form, and leave the planet. Frank calms an angry Abel by explaining the situation. The river the creatures destroyed prevented a dam from collapsing, saving many lives. The fields they had burned left a message that they were on our planet for their food source: helium. After feeding, they returned to their home in the Sun.


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