Branden was a protege of the corrupt Commissioner Loeb. He's very much a product of the corruption of Gotham City PD, being willing to cut deals with gang leaders while also beating up suspects who can't fight back. He rose to the head of SWAT, and grew a reputation for shooting first, and only shooting. When Batman breaks into GCPD, he overhears Branden talking to his men about making a deal with Black Mask. If Branden and his men kill the Batman before the assassins do then the 50 million dollar bounty is theirs. Batman makes Branden and his men look like fools in the GCPD conference room. Branden and his men are later captured by Firefly's crew when Gordon ordeed them to evacuate civilians from the bridge. Batman rescues Branden and Branden shows his gratitude by taking a shot at Batman. Batman counters Branden's assault and knocks him out.


  • Branden is the fourth enemy that can be fought in normal freeflow combat. He can be fought, although not intentionally set in the story, if the player attacks him during his first appearance in the GCPD headquarters. The three other characters who can be fought are Zsasz, Black Mask, and Joker.
  • Branden is cheating on his wife. [2]



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