Howler was a humanoid wolf-man and one of the many genetically evolved experiments conducted by Project Moreau in the 1940s.

He resided on an uncharted island called the Wild Lands and was one of the three royal bodyguards that comprised the Wild Men.

Howler was easily the most gregarious of the three. He lived for nothing more than high-spirited carousing and intense action. A wolf of little modesty, he had no qualms in bragging about his archery skills to anyone who would listen.

The Wild Men befriended Superboy when he mysteriously appeared on the island and helped him to liberate several human slaves from the trader known as Sacker. Afterward, they accompanied Superboy back to his home in Hawaii and assisted him in repelling an invasion of Pearl Harbor perpetuated by the bat-woman Nosferata and Killa the gorilla. Although Pearl Harbor was saved, Nosferata manipulated her way into becoming the new queen of the Wild Lands. As such, she forced the Wild Men into exile, and they were never allowed to return to the land of their birth.

Howler and the others then embarked upon a quest to locate Superboy's lost love, Tana Moon.


Howler is not to be confused with Jez "Howler" Davison, leader of the Vamps.



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