Yeti was a member of the Chinese superfunctionary team, the Great Ten.

Hu Wei discovered a troop of yetis living in the foothills of the Himalayas. He attempted to study them, transforming into his yeti form and attempting to infiltrate the troop. However, the other yetis could SENSE that Hu was not like them and retreated each time he tried to approach. Hu realized his only option was to truly become one of the tribe, and he removed his medallion, reverting to his base animal mind. Hu lived among the yeti for many weeks, and came to be fully accepted by the troop. After being injured, the yetis sheltered him in a small cave and protected him fiercely, going so far as to hurl boulders at mountaineering tourists. It was this behavior that brought the American hero Batman to the mountains, where he was intercepted by three of Hu's own teammates, August General in Iron, Celestial Archer and Accomplished Perfect Physician. During a fight between the heroes and the yeti troop, Batman was able to slip Hu's medallion back on him. Returning to his human form, Hu explained his experiment. August General recommended they report the yetis to their superiors and await orders to destroy the creatures, much to Hu's shock and rage, but the team leader's suggestion was voted down by the others.


  • Transformation: Hu Wei possesses the power to transform into a yeti at will.
  • Superhuman Strength: As a yeti, Wei is strong enough to pick up and hurl large boulders with ease.


  • When he transforms, Hu Wei loses all control of himself, becoming little more than an instinctive animal.


  • Medallion: Hu Wei wears a special medallion that allows him to remain in full control of his yeti form.



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