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Hudson Pyle, the Cavalier was a stunt man with extensive training in swordplay who became a Gotham City vigilante.

This brought him into conflict with the Batman, although Hudson was allowed to remain active because of his high skill level. Tragically, he fell in love with a woman who had committed murder, and was forced to turn to a life of crime to protect her. This involved killing a number of men in organized crime who would otherwise have condemned her. After a dramatic sword fight with Batman, he was forced to give himself up... to save the woman he loved from a life in prison, he ran directly into police gunfire with an empty pistol, and sacrificed himself.[1]

Blackest Night

Main article: Blackest Night

He reappears during Blackest Night as a member of the Black Lantern Corps.[2]


  • Hudson Pyle is a great lover of older cinema. This is where most of his inspiration comes from.



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