Quote1.png But that's the bit I don't understand. They've got superpowers, I mean how are you gonna make any impression on them? Quote2.png
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Hugh "Wee Hughie" Campbell is a Scottish man with a knack for conspiracy theories. He joined The Boys after his girlfriend was killed by A-Train.

During a walk in an amusement park with his girlfriend, a supervillain was unexpectedly flung in their direction and completely crushed her against a wall, while Hughie was unscathed. It broke him mentally, and the superhero responsible for the casualty didn't care at all and quickly fled the scene after asking for directions.[1]

Later that day, Vought executives went to his apartment and made him sign a contract to stay quiet from her death.[1] However, Billy Butcher kept an eye on him since the incident and recruited him to join The Boys.[2] Hughie's first mission was to eavesdrop on the Teenage Kix and gather damaging information on the group so it can be used to blackmail them. It was success, but one of Butcher's contacts tipped off the Kix and as such, a fight ensued between them and The Boys. Hughie faced off against Blarney Cock and accidentally killed him with one punch. Fortunately, with a few phone calls, Butcher cleared any involvement Hughie had in his death.[3]


  • Hugh's appearance was based on actor Simon Pegg. This resulted in Simon writing the introduction to the first TPB of The Boys. Pegg would also play Hughie's eponymous father in the Amazon Prime Video adaptation.



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