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Tasmanian Devil is an Australian superhero who was a member of the Global Guardians.

The origins of Hugh Dawkins' abilities are unknown (he once claimed that his mother was a were-Tasmanian devil who raised him in a Tasmanian Devil cult who gave him a Tasmanian Devil amulet and sold his soul to a Tasmanian Devil after injecting him with radioactive Tasmanian Devil musk from a race of alien Tasmanian Devils. It can be safely assumed, however, that he was joking). Whatever their source though, he used them to become Australia's foremost superhero, and a founding member of the Global Guardians. Originally, Hugh appeared to be a normal man with the ability to increase his size and mass and who wore an all concealing black bodysuit; however, in recent years, possibly due to the effects of the Dominators' Meta-Gene bomb, he has actually transformed into a gigantic, fur covered Tasmanian Devil.

Hugh worked with the Global Guardians for some time, at one point teaming up with Infinity Inc alongside them (on which occasion, he went through a phony wedding with Yolanda Montez, the second Wildcat, while on a case). Following the dissolution of the Guardians, Hugh joined the Justice League International for a time, and later the Ultramarine Corps. He rejoined the Global Guardians when they reformed, but was later attacked and skinned by the villain Prometheus, who turned his pelt into a rug. Hugh was believed dead, but had in fact been placed in stasis by Prometheus, and he has since been fully healed after being immersed in a fountain of youth. Hugh has since returned to Australia.

Dawkins saved Hush from some thieves when he was in Australia, impersonating Bruce Wayne.[1]


  • Therianthropy: He can transform at will into a giant Tasmanian Devil, in which form he has razor sharp claws and fangs. Originally, Hugh could increase his size and mass at will.

Originally, Hugh had a full body, head to toe black suit with stylized white T against a full black costume and eye slits.



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