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Hugh Marder was a mad scientist enemy of Batman.

Hugh Marder was a scientist who wanted to cure his genetic disease. He attempted to do so by using a particle accelerator to create clones of himself using his own DNA and cadavers. He then experimented with these to work on a cure. Eventually, he decided that he was running out of time and went ahead with the tests on himself. This temporarily healed him and gave him the ability to absorb radiation. In order to feed his radiation sustenance, Mister Toxic, his last clone, blasts him with radiation. However Batman interfered and led to him getting disfigured and temporarily killed. In order to permanently cure himself from his radiation abilities and the disease permanently, he uses the particle accelerator to fuse with his clone, who had cells that would prevent the deterioration. However, instead they transform into an abomination and Batman uses a special formula meant to break down those mutating cells, which reverts Hugh back to normal.[1]




  • Hugh's suit is similar to the original suit worn by Professor Radium, who also shared a similar backstory and used Radium.



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