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Captain Hugo "Khyber" Darcy leads the elite British commando unit, The Rifle Brigade. Schooled at Oxford where he played rugby and cricket, Darcy joined the Grenadier Guards and was posted to India in 1927. There he had a leading role in the suppression of the Bhajee and Popadom mutinies. Darcy was involved in the 1938 "Beef Curtains" scandal and was promoted to Captain after single-handedly defending Sidi Bugbug in 1941, refusing to surrender to Erwin Rommel in which Darcy called him a "big nosed cunt" to his face.

Darcy's family earns a reputation for having a long history of serving Britain's historical wars as early as the Roman invasion of Britain, the English Civil War and the Zulu Wars. Also his ancestors were leaders of the Rifle Brigade's predecessors. His present family in particular includes his brother Bobby, whom Hugo finds him at odds with, an alcoholic mother yet bold in her own ways, and his father who lost his limbs during First World War and rants his war life.



Standard military field kit.


Depends on the mission.


Knife, rifle and pistol.



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