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Hugo Strange is a eugenicist attempting to improve the gene pool. He weeds out what he considers unclean.

Year Two (1941)

Following Killer Frost's plan to create a race of superhumans, Hugo Strange allied himself with Penguin and Harvey Dent.[1] With Harvey Dent at the head of Gotham City, Hugo Strange would have had access to all Gothamites' genes and control the generations to come.

When the Batgirls attempted to stop Penguin and his allies, Hugo Strange used his modified gun to force the Batgirls to fight each other. However, Harvey Dent eventually betrayed Penguin and him in favour of the Batgirls. Hugo Strange fled in response, promising to find other scientists sharing his dream.[2]

Hugo Strange found new allies within the Soviets. They fund his researches and he created several clones using Supergirl's DNA, among which Power Girl, who became the U.S.S.R.'s secret weapon, and Superman, that he considered a failure.[3]

Year Three (1942)

One year later, Hugo Strange captured Supergirl and Steve Trevor. With Supergirl as a guinea pig, Hugo Strange intended to create a perfect army to purge the world.[4]

During the tests, Supergirl was able to turn Power Girl against Hugo Strange, and Reaper and Lois Lane, who had found the laboratory thanks to Killer Frost, blew up the laboratory's security system. Hugo Strange attempted to stop Reaper, Lois Lane, Steve Trevor, Power Girl and Supergirl using his remaining clones. However, they were able to leave the place without a fight, taking Superman with them.[3]

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  • Modified Gun: Hugo Strange's gun allows him to control people's body.[2]