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Quote1 Only I can face Gotham's madness and not be overcome. I have perfectly optimized my brain chemistry. I am the one sane person in an insane city. Tonight, I confront you with your monstrous inadequacies. Then, as Cro-Magnon met Neanderthal, I club you, skin you and wear your hide. Because you're unfit for it. Gotham City needs Batman. And after tonight... Batman will be me. Quote2
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Professor Hugo Strange was an amoral psychologist who sought to defeat Batman with his Monster Men, revived corpses manipulated into representing Batman's biggest flaws.

Strange walked out on his partner and child some sixteen years ago.

While Bruce Wayne was off training for several years after his parents murder, Hugo Strange was hired by Philip Kane, acting as the head of Wayne Enterprises in Wayne's absence, to research the anatomy and physiology of the brain. Strange worked closely with Dr. Karl Helfern, studying bones, and Paul Dekker, focusing on soft tissue, forming what Kane dubbed "the Doctors Three".[1]

Some time after the appearance of Batman, Hugo Strange moved from Wayne Enterprises to Arkham Asylum where he used his physiology skills on the patients there. Dr. Strange worked alongside Harleen Quinzel during his time there.

Some time after that, he turned to crime; he was among the criminals brought to Happy Harbor by the Crime Syndicate during their attempted conquest of the world.

Despite his criminal activities, Dr. Strange appeared to maintain a staff position at Gotham Academy.

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Other Characteristics

  • Illness: Strange had stage four cancer.[2]
  • Obsession:Hugo Strange is obsessed with the identity of Batman.

  • Hugo Strange is credited with creating a smartphone app that allows users to track sightings of the Batman. This is used as a tool by criminals to make sure he isn't nearby when they commit crimes.[3]



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