Hukka was a small companion of the Atari Force.

Hukka comes from a planet that was inhabited by a peaceful and yet technologically advanced humanoid race -- a race that was destroyed by the Zylons, a puppet creation of the Dark Destroyer. Being the only one of its kind left on the planet, Hukka latched onto Mohandas Singh of the original Atari Force when they crash-landed on the planet. He also led the team to where a fighter ship called the Star Raider was located, which they used to fight off the Zylons when they returned. From there the Hukka remained a constant companion of the original team, and later on became Christopher Champion's pet and companion. He joined the second Atari Force team when Martin Champion stole Scanner One from the museum, becoming friends with Babe and Taz.

  • The Hukka is named for the constant sound he makes: "hukka hukka".



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