Quote1 They dragged me into their war! Lieutenant Gordon, Tobias Whale. Their war. I just wanted to go back to playing with my numbers and my toys, but I can't! I can't go back. Quote2
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Humpty Dumpty had a grudge against Jim Gordon and Tobias Whale.

Humphry Dumpler was once a brilliant accountant. His chief client was Tobias Whale, a boss in the Gotham City underworld. When Humphry realised his employer's criminal activities, he attempted to give the evidence to the GCPD, only to be pulled into the middle of Lieutenant Gordon's war with Tobias. On the way to testify before a judge, Humphry and his police escort were attacked by one of Tobias' men with a rocket launcher. The attack nearly killed Humphry and destroyed his fragile psyche. He escaped from protective custody and disappeared.

Years later, Humphry returned to Gotham and took up residence in his grandmother's abandoned home. He had come up with a plan to get revenge on the people he blamed for the loss of his life. He systimatically kidnapped both members of Tobias Whale's organization and Gotham's city government and imprisoned them inside statues based on the toy soldiers he had loved as a child that he had wired to explode if anyone tried to remove them. His plan came to a head when he managed to abduct both Tobias and James Gordon, setting them among dozens of toy soldiers he planned to blow up. When Batman saved the pair and destroyed Humphry's laser cannon, the disturbed man left the battle with honor, leaving a decoy of himself to keep Batman occupied long enough for him to get away.

Humpty Dumpty returned several months later, having captured Batman, Katana, Whale, Gordon, and the present Mayor of Gotham City Marion Grange. In doing so, Humphry stripped the heroes of their gadgets and had his captives play a murder mystery in a death trap filled house, with the intent of ratting out a guilty party. Over the course of the game, Batman deduced that everyone in the house was guilty of a crime, either directly or indirectly: the wrongful prosecution of Ship Captain Ernie Crosky. As it turned out, Katana sold weapons as a middle man for the League of Assassins, on orders from the CIA, which Whale purchased, and smuggled onto Ernie's ship without his knowledge. Batman had discovered the ship, and tipped Gordon off to it, but without proper evidence, Ernie went to prison, not Whale. While Marion Grange prosecuted Ernie, during her time as a judge. Proud of the results, Humpty Dumpty had planned on killing everyone with Ernie's blessing, however the former captain held no animosity towards those responsible. Batman then brought up that Humphry too was guilty, as he never stepped up as a witness and could have prevented Ernie's imprisonment. Infuriated, Humpty Dumpty attack Batman, where the Caped Crusader lured Humphry into one of his own traps, causing the portly man to fall to the ground bellow.

While Humphry was defeated and arrested, the events left Marion traumatized, causing her to eventually quit her position as Mayor.


  • Accounting: An accountant by trade, Humphry was considered a genius in his field before he disappeared.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Humphrey was capable of creating numerous death-traps, and toy-based robots to fight the Batman.


  • Mental Illness: His near death destroyed Humphry's grip on his sanity. He frequently mutters nursery rhymes to himself, apparently comparing the fate of the character Humpty Dumpty to his own shattered life.

  • Humphry is not a truly evil man. He retains enough sense to know he doesn't want to hurt other people in the same way he was hurt. He refers to his match of wits with Batman as "the most fun (he'd) had in years".



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