Born and raised in Keystone City, Norvock wasn’t exactly a model citizen, and he soon learned that the quickest way to make money was outside the boundaries imposed by the law. Starting from the bottom, Norvock made his way to the top of the food chain, becoming one of the most powerful and influential crime bosses around. Albeit he made quite a fortune with bootlegging, soon Norvock was involved in any kind of illegal activities, from petty crimes to bank robberies, and he appeared to be untouchable… this, until the new city’s DA, Clifford DeVoe, managed to have him incriminated for one of his many activities. The situation would have been desperate, if not for sheer luck: one of Norvock’s boys, while stealing into a Senator’s house, found a compromising letter among his daughter’s belongings. Norvock blackmailed the girl into providing him an alibi, stating that he was present at her house party, thus saving his neck. DeVoe was unable to prove him guilty, and even more: stopping to question a key witness because of her credibility as a socialite, he gave the impression of shying away from a woman during the trial, and he lost the people’s trust, with many believing he had tried far a too ambitious hit for him. Norvock walked away untouched, and he gave the girl her letter back. Then, he received the most unexpected visit: DeVoe offered him his services, putting his remarkable intellect at his disposal, pointing out he would have surely needed, sooner or later, someone with true brains to take him out of troubles. Intrigued, Norvock accepted his offer, and hired “The Thinker”, a personal genius who put up alibis to keep his men out of jail, and who also planned more and more ambitious (and remunerative) heists. Thanks to DeVoe, in a matter of some years, Norvock found himself leading a true criminal empire, as he controlled every single gangster in the city. There was only one man who keep posing a threat to his power: The Flash, who kept foiling heist after heist. Believing bank robberies had become too risky with the speedster around, Norvock ordered his men to lay low for a while, limiting themselves to the protection jobs to earn money. Despite this, two of his lackeys, Slug and Jim, got arrested nevertheless, and they even confessed everything about Norvock’s organization, putting him in serious troubles. Scared for the first time in years, Norvock realized he still had an ace up his sleeve, and he ordered the Thinker to fix the situation. Using his extraordinary inventions, DeVoe killed a cop, disguised himself like him and entered the police department; here, he burnt the recorded evidence and killed the talkative prisoners, eliminating any sign of Norvock’s guilt. When DeVoe refused to name the price of this job, however, Hunk Norvock started to become paranoid, as he believed the Thinker wanted to use the same incredible masks he had used before to take his place as the top boss. Wanting to strike first, the boss rushed to DeVoe’s house, armed with a gun: as he saw his target smirking at him, but unarmed, Hunk took his chances and shot him. Unfortunately, what he shot at wasn’t DeVoe, but a steel mirror the Thinker was merely reflecting into. The bullet ricocheted and killed Norvock: sum of all ironies, his death was declared to be “suicide”, and DeVoe ended up taking control of his organization as he had feared.


  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-Two era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and no longer apply.



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