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 The Hunter/Gatherers are a race of alien colonizers who laid their eyes on Atlantis.


Tens of thousands of years ago the Hunter/Gatherers evolved as a race and regretted their earlier actions that devastated planets, so they started a galaxy-wide reclamation.

The Hunter/Gatherers arrived on Earth and chose the dominant lifeform, dinosaurs, as their prey. Their hunting led to the dinosaurs' extinction, and the terrible shape they left Earth in led to an ice age.

One colony of Hunters arrived on earth and aided humanity's development. Some members of the colony interbred with humans, while others bred with rays to create the Atlantean city of Hy-Brasil. The Hunters still in space were conquered and enslaved in a war.

In preparation of monumental danger Aquaman and Dolphin sought to unite all of Atlantis' lost cities and came to Hy-Brasil. The Hy-Brasilian king refused to align himself with Aquaman, forcing a battle that Aquaman won. In accordance with Hy-Brasilian tradition the king committed suicide and the queen demanded that Aquaman become her new king and defend Hy-Brasil, or she would have her subjects rend him limb from limb. Dolphin suffered a mental attack and lashed out at the Hy-Brasilians, so the queen called for her execution, telling Aquaman that law and order was her jurisdiction. A high seer interrogated Dolphin, unleashing hidden programming by her creators that made her kill him. Aquaman blamed the Hy-Brasilians for unleashing her dark side, and challenged any one of them to combat, but they all backed down. After the Hy-Brasilians killed their queen, they told Aquaman he had their support when he needed them.



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