Quote1 I am the hunter. I have only one purpose: to exterminate the son of Jor-El. Where is my prey? Quote2
-- Hunter src

Ursa, a Phantom Zoner, built a pool of chemical compounds that would materialize the thoughts of wishing people near it into a living being with a purpose. Zod, Faora and Ursa concentrated their wills in this pool, and The Hunter was born in order to destroy Superman and help them to escape from Phantom Zone.


  • Unique Physiology
    • Inorganic Duplication and Transformation: The Hunter possessed the power to change his body into a living, breathing facsimile of any material that he touched, taking on its properties for himself. He could even change his shape to resemble other people.
      • Electro-Blast : If he is sucessive in touch functional electrical wires, he can convert himself into pure energy.
    • Superhuman Speed: Even while transformed in metal, Hunter had vast mobility.
    • Flight
    • Dimensional Travel: Curiously, the Hunter was able to leave the Phantom Zone, but it is unknown if he could go back there; Obviously he can't take people with him, because he needed to build a Phantom Zone Projector in order to free his creators.


  • It is implied that the pool that gave birth to the Hunter could create other types of beings, depending on the people who were there uniting their wills.



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