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Hunter Prince is the son of Wonder Woman from an alternate timeline.

Dark origin

After the Kindred were able to sing their song during the battle with the Justice League, it sent a signal to the cosmic force known as the Darkness to come to Earth. Diana of Themyscira was marked by the Fear creature due to the dark feelings buried inside her. Hunter was conceived as she was infected by the Darkness, in order for it to have a new type of embodiment which would be much more powerful. After learning this, she gave him up to Superman and Lois Lane, whom she trusted the most to protect and love her son. Hunter however thought she did so because he was a boy, just like the Amazons did to their sons.

Hunter was raised by the Kents along with Jon, while also training together and making friends with some of the other super-children. He was also involved in a relationship with Cruise. The Darkness meanwhile started devouring the world and Diana tried to contain it, but it was too late. The superheroes hid them on Mount Olympus which had been abandoned by the Olympian gods, while the whole of Hunter's adoptive family was killed by the Darkness.

When they re-emerged, they found a desolate world and tried to help the remaining people. The Sovereign however conquered Olympus and smashed it into the earth before proceeding to conquer the world. After the Darkness started growing again, they tried to kill Aquaman, who had been exiled from Atlantis after killing Mera and had allied with the Sovereign, but had to flee.

Travel to the past

They arrived at the Infinity Corporation building after being contacted by Vincent. Though he was dead, he left them a last message that instructed them on how to fix the world and end the Darkness. The Sovereign however found and attacked them, but they were able to escape twenty years into the past, to seek help from the Justice League. They landed in Midway City and encountered the League who took them in. Hunter immediately confronted Diana about abandoning him while holding the Lasso of Truth. He was taken by Superman to his own home where he bonded with Jon and Lois who thought it was good that Clark allowed him to stay at their home.

When Stone found that Diana was alone, he contacted Hunter who decided to kill her in order to prevent the Darkness from ever coming into the world. The super-children however failed to defeat her, but Hunter had Cube open a Boom Tube in order to escape. They however landed back unexpectedly in Midway City, and found that the Darkness had already arrived.

Battle with the Darkness

After it infected Diana, the Darkness told her not to kill everyone except their child and nurture him instead. Hunter then stated that he could hear it talking. Diana, who was still resisting, told Steve Trevor to protect Hunter as it was the only one the Darkness didn't want to kill. The Sovereign however arrived at the place, defeating Hunter, his friends, Simon Baz, Mera and Aquaman who had turned on her. The Darkness then told Diana that the Sovereign was Hippolyta who had been driven to make the world suffer after Diana succumbed to it, asking her to kill her as she only intended to spare her daughter.

As the posessed League attacked, Hunter told Steve Trevor to have all of the military retreat as he tried to deal with Diana. As she prepared to kill her mother, Hunter stopped her with his Bracelets of Submission and defeated her as the Darkness won't kill him. It encouraged him to strike the killing blow and become what he was meant to be, but Hippolyta stopped him and told him why she had abandoned him, doing it out of love so he didn't become a new kind of embodiment for it. She further warned him against it and told him that they had to snap the others out of it.

Jason and Jennifer Allen were able to contain the Darkness with their Black and White light, later transferring it into Hippolyta as a vessel, who went to the void in order to rid the creation of its threat. After the battle, Hunter reconciled with Diana before heading back to his homeworld. It is unknown exactly what changes all these actions made to his reality.

Altered timeline

Some time later, he responded to Kamandi's request alongside heroes of other alternate realities to assist Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in fighting against Brainiac. In his altered timeline, he had also adopted a grey dress and cape remniscient of Batman instead of the cape of Superman and his own red shirt.[1]




  • Bracelets of Submission
  • Lasso of Truth: The Lasso compels anyone bound by it to speak only the truth. In his first appearance, the Lasso can be seen strapped onto Hunter's left leg.
  • Wonder Woman's Tiara: Hunter wears the Tiara tied to his left arm.
  • Wonder Woman's Breastplate Eagle: Hunter used a miniature of the Breastplate Eagle to hold his cape on his body. Originally he used it to hold the cape of his adoptive parent Superman, however he later used it to hold a grey cape remniscient of Batman after his timeline was altered.


  • Sword



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