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"Part III "Respect"": In the darkened room under the Opera House, Helena Bertinelli ruthlessly fights off the men who have stolen her money. Realizing one of them has a knife to a female hostages throat, she throws the woman her infrared goggles, fighting in the

Huntress: Year One #3 is an issue of the series Huntress: Year One (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2008.

Synopsis for Part III "Respect"

In the darkened room under the Opera House, Helena Bertinelli ruthlessly fights off the men who have stolen her money. Realizing one of them has a knife to a female hostages throat, she throws the woman her infrared goggles, fighting in the dark while the woman sneaks away to hide. Having taken everyone down, she surveys the damage, noting that she has just tangled with a famous playboy, the head of the bank of Italy, the Prime Minister, a priest she doesn't recognize, and Stefano Mandragora--the worldwide "boss of bosses" whom she remembers giving assassination orders to the Asaro family. Looking at them all closer she notices they all have an eye drawn on their hand.

She takes the woman, unharmed, from the Opera House on the back of her motorcycle. During the drive Helena explains, in vague terms, that those men stole money from her and were to be dividing it up, but didn't think about the fact that the sheer amounts shouldn't even have been able to fit in that room. When the young lady comments on the necklace of six small keys given to her by Marco--the playboy--Helena takes saying it belongs to her. The young lady tells Helena that the only people aware of her plans for the night were her parents, prompting Helena to warn her she can not go home, realizing hit men would have been dispatched to murder the parents. Though she knows the money won't make up for her loss, Helena gives her one of the keys, telling her it's to a safety deposit box. She leaves her with the advice her tutor gave her, "You must outlive them all."

The next night, Mandragora sits at the table in his kitchen with bandages on his face, his dead wife on the floor. He explains to an entering underling that his "rigatoni was rubbery" and shrugs her death off saying he'll "get a fifth wife." Asked about the bandages, he explains that "at least five big commandos" interrupted their ceremony, complaining that that never used to happen before. The man compares it to Nino Angelo's beating the week before, then gives his report on the Bertinelli girl. He tells that she was given her two million and is under the belief that is all there is, to which Mandragora replies that that is all there is now. Drawing on something shown to him by his five-year-old grandson--never leave the child of an enemy alive because they may grow up and take revenge--he decides to set into motion plans to have Helena killed following a party, after which they can turn their attention to finding the money stolen from them.

Helena retrieves her mail at her hotels front desk, taking it into the bar to read. The first one, another letter from Tony Angelo, says that he tried to fly to her only to be stopped by his bosses thugs at the airport. He declares that the Virgin Mary has spoken to him and told him she will return to Gotham City, and he says they were meant to be together despite his boss trying to force him to marry some important blonde woman. The second letter is an invitation to Mandragora's party, complete with a note to go see a famous fashion designer and get a dress--already paid for. She passes on it, as the only the she hates more than parties is dresses. After opening the third letter she leaps from her chair and runs from the bar.

She runs to a church, saying "don't be a trick" and "is it really you" under her breath. Entering, cautiously, she's elated to find Salvatore Asaro--dressed like a priest--and hugs him. He pulls her into a confessional and explains to her, quickly, what happened while he was in jail. During his time, he fell in love with a nun, who reciprocated the feeling. She helped him escape by staging a fight, during which he swapped clothes with a guard, who was killed. The nun, Christina, took the guilt of the guards death upon herself and, after helping Sal escape to a seminary, refused to speak to him so he decided to "love her heart by loving what she loved: God." Helena, shocked, notes that Sal was always an Atheist, and he replies that love has changed him. When Helena talks about her constant visions to find and kill the men who murdered her family, Sal admits he's long held one piece of information from her, that he knows who ordered her parents killed. He tells her he wants her to come visit him at the seminary again, but when she breaks the screen he tells her it was Mandragora. Helena then tells Sal that her soul-mate came along as well, but she stayed on her own to stay loyal to herself. As they're wrapping up, Sal asks if she needs money, and she tells him how she stole her over €3billion from Mandragora. Before they separate, she takes his stole to remember him by, and he tells her to come see him again before she goes after Mandragora, asking for "Pino".

Helena goes to see the fashion designer who fits her for the dress he plans to launch in Milan next season. After they discuss her loath of dresses, she approaches him for a secret project--promising to kill him if anyone finds out about it.

The party is going on at Mandragora's, the revelers unaware a large--almost bat shaped--shadow is looming. Inside, Mandragora entertains by telling a joke about Henry Kissinger and Cuban cigars before going to retrieve more from his private quarters. After someone mentions that Mort Sahl told the same joke, he claims it was stolen from him. He continues to rant about how it's "[his] goddamn story" to himself as Helena enters through the window in full costume, crossbow in hand, asking "Wanna know how it ends?"

Appearing in Part III "Respect"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Sal Asaro (Flashback and main story)
  • Tomaso Panessa
  • Young woman


  • A Mano Iddio
    • Stefano Mandragora
    • Priest (unnamed)
    • Marco ("Playboy")
    • "Head of the Bank of Italy"
    • Prime Minister


  • Sicily
    • Opera House
    • Madragora's home
    • Church




  • "A Manno Iddio" translates from Italian to "Hand of God"


  • Batman's logo appears to be on the back of the magazine read by the unnamed young lady's parents, and later the hit men.
  • Though small, the mug on the table in the unnamed young lady's home appears to bear Superman's shield.
  • Aristotle was Greek, not Italian.

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