Huon the Small is the first King of The Fair Lands, and before that, one of the Eight Lords of Fairie.

The oldest fairys were born from the dreams of the Earth, looking at the sky. The youngest fairys were born from the dreams of humans. When the humans forgot how to dreams, and the Earth became tainted, the fairies found themselves without a home on the walking world. In this time of need, Lucifer Morningstar came close to the Eight Lords of Faerie, and offered them a part of Hell for the fairys to shape into a world. All of the lords accepted the offering, but Huon doubted. Lucifer told them that he would give them the land just if they payed a tithe with seven of their fairest and wisest. Again Huon doubted, but in consideration of all of fairie he accepted the deal. With all the Lords signing the contract with Lucifer, he took all of the Lords of Fairy, except Huon, and took them back to Hell. Every seven years, fairy must pay a tithe of seven of their fairer and wisest, or the land would be back Hell.[1]

Huon lived with this weight upon his shoulders until he left The Fair Lands to a prison of his own making. There he forgot his face, and his shape, but his life continued due to his guilt. He would not stop living until solving the problem he left in The Fair Lands.

While traveling the world, Timothy Hunter fell in an island between time and space, and could not escape until Huon saw him from his prison, and recogniced him as The Opener. He helped the boy out of the island and of his prison, and used Tim's key to venture together into Fairie. Once there, Huon told him his story, the story of The Fair Land, and both along with Julie the Dancing Bear witnessed how the land lost its shape in the coming of The Leveler. Huon forbidded Tim to restore the land, and sent him back to the walking world, as anyway the Leveler had been found, and the land was already been restored.

Huon congratulated Yarrow, The Leveler, for saving the whole fairy land, and gave Taik to his fathers, Queen Titania and King Auberon, informing them that he was free of Hell-tainting, and that from now on there was no more compact, and Fairy was free of paying tithe to Hell nevermore.[2]

With this accomplished, Huon went back to his prison, waiting for atonement.



  • Ancient Rules: As all inhabitants of the realms, Huon is bound to old rules that limit his actions.



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