Hurricane Hansen, young American sea-going adventurer, joined the Royal Navy when Britain declared war against Kazilia. By 1940, he attained the rank of Captain, and was put in command of a raiding ship, a converted tanker ship with concealed cannons, torpedo tubes, a drone-launching platform, and a catapult-launched seaplane. Under Hansen's command, this vessel and its crew inflicted several severe setbacks to the Kazilian Navy.

Hurricane Hansen's last recorded clash with Kazilian forces was in the summer of 1940, and after that time, there was no further Kazilian aggression of any kind.



  • collapsible, concealable diver's helmet,[1]


  • HMS Surprise, Disguised Gunboat
    • Single-Seat Submarine, with windows, armed with magnetic mines.[2]
    • Catapult-launched Scouting Seaplane, armed with machine guns.[3]


  • conventional torpedos, radio-controlled aerial torpedos,[4] naval cannon, depth charges, small arms, etc.
  • Hurricane Hansen wore an antique naval officer's uniform.
  • In the early months of WWII, Hansen's vessel encountered and destroyed an impressive array of Kazilian naval forces, including at least three conventional submarines,[5][6][7] two small "battleships",[8] and later a full-sized battleship,[9] at least four flying submarines,[10] and three secret naval bases.[11][12][13] This unit also captured, intact, a "pocket battleship" and its crew,[14] and another submarine and its crew.[15] When Kazilia built a gigantic, minefield-encircled, heavily armed and extremely well fortified floating fortress, Hurricane Hansen destroyed it.[16]
  • Oddly, all of these enemy forces were Kazilian, and there is actually no record of Hansen's unit encountering the forces of any other hostile nation during that time.



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