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Quote1.png Most of my observations of these rings of yours suggest that they are primarily used as weapons. This seems wasteful. Do you not realize they might work equally well for any number of purposes? For instance, the blue ring seems to instill a sense of hope. Imagine such a device used in conjunction with an attempt to pacify an unruly population? Hope is a powerful intoxicant indeed. Quote2.png
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Hyalt is the smith of the New Gods and a member of the Council of Eight.

Hyalt was tasked with building a scepter capable of first handling the seven Power Rings,[1] then attempting to do intense research into the various rings stolen by the New Gods in order to try to find a way to the Life Equation within them, without success.[2] During the escape of Green Lantern Simon Baz and Red Lantern Guy Gardner from the Miracle Cells, the two ambushed Hyalt's forge, assailing him with bombs of Red and Green Lantern energy and blowing up the workshop in the process,[3] though he survived the assault himself.[4]





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