Hyathis was the Panala (queen) of the planet Alstair in the Antares solar system.

She was continually at war with the rulers of the three other planets in the same solar system: Kanjar Ro of Dhor, Kromm of Mosteel, and Sayyar of Llarr. Each of the four rulers sought to become absolute master of Antares. Their four-way war was stalemated until Kanjar Ro forced members of the Justice League of America to capture his three rivals. However, the Justice League captured Kanjar Ro and marooned the four war-mongering rulers on a small planet.

During her captivity, Alstair overthrew Hyathis's government. Her followers rescued her and took her to the planet Thanagar, whose people were then suffering from the so-called "equalizing plague." Hyathis and her followers used their science to cure the Thanagarians. As payment Hyathis demanded to be made absolute monarch of Thanagar. As a lingering effect of the plague the Thanagarians were far more submissive than before, and they acceded to Hyathis's request.

Hyathis then had the Thanagarian police force trained as soldiers, and shortly afterward war broke out between Thanagar and Rann, which had recently been conquered by Kanjar Ro. Thanagarian hero Hawkman put an end to the war by thwarting Kanjar Ro's attempt to assassinate Hyathis and capturing him. But knowing that Hawkman was out to overthrow her, Hyathis banished him from Thanagar.

Hyathis then began readying Thanagar's forces for more interstellar wars. Hawkman and Hawkwoman thwarted Hyathis's attempted invasion of Earth. Ultimately, Hyathis was overthrown by Hawkman and his allies Batman and Superman.[1]


  • Alstairian Physiology
    • Amphibian: Hyathis can breathe and function underwater just as easily as she does on the surface.
    • Chlorokinesis: Hyathis can mentally control all plant life native to her home world Alstair. It is unknown whether her powers can affect plant life from other planets.
    • Telepathy: Hyathis can project her thoughts into the minds of others and can also use this power to read people's minds.


  • Leadership: Despite her erratic career as a monarch, Hyathis has proven to be a capable leader. Even after being deposed as the leader of Thanagar she managed to maintain a group of loyal Thanagarian followers.



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