The Hykraians are an aquatic methane-breathing fish like people.


They are peaceful beings that have developed advanced psychic powers which they use to communicate and move throughout their planet. When Gil'Dishpan explored the galaxy for methane-atmosphered world, it was they who discovered Hykraius and introduced its natives to space travel. Gil'Dishpan conquered them with ease due to their passive nature, but if they wanted to they could have easily kicked them off their shared world.

As methane atmospheres are rare, most Hykraians don't travel off-world much, but through telecommunications, they did get news from the United Planets. One young Hykraian, Ganglios, heard about the Legion Academy, and decided that he might be able, believing his telepathic and telekinetic abilities would have use as a hero.

At the academy they taught him how to function in hostile atmospheric conditions. The Academy then agreed to accept him, first building a tank in which he could stay, and later getting Brainiac 5 to create a life-support helmet for him so that he'd be mobile.

Despite his alien appearance, he made good friends with his fellow Legion Academy students.

Powers and Abilities


Hykraian Physiology: Hykraians have two arms and two stubs which operate as legs but are insufficient to support his body weight. Their tails extends longer than their body and they have green eyes with no pupils as well as horns, no teeth, scales, no nose and a "third eye" of sorts on his forehead which glows when they use their powers.

  • Telepathy: Hykraians main abilities is their telepathy. They use it as a means of communication, investigation, searching, controlling and deciphering. They can even search the mind of an unconscious foe and reach into the subconscious of other individuals.
    • Mind Control: Although rarely used, Hykraians can force their telepathic powers to control lesser minded beings. Normally they use this ability to allow themselves into other's mind to sift through their thoughts without resistance.
  • Telekinesis: Hykraians main ability is telekinesis. They uses this to move their large, heavy bodies about with no difficulty as well as levitating themselves and others (with more stress per person). This is not the only way they use this ability.
    • Flight: A form of levitation, Hykraians can levitate their large body and seem to swim through the air. It is unseen how they react in space with this ability.
    • Force Field: Hykraians can create a telekinetic shield around themselves and others to project from most physical and energy based attacks.


  • Swimming: Hykraians move about by the use of Telekinesis, however their normal function of moving is swimming as they do on their home planet so while moving through space or on normal human gravity levels they seem to be swimming through the air.


  • Asphyxiation: Hykraians cannot breathe normal human levels of oxygen and requires the production of methane to be pumped into the air area in order to breathe. Without their breathing apparatus they would suffocate.


Habitat: Ocean Planet
Gravity: Unknown
Atmosphere: Hykraius may be one large ocean but it barely contains the elements necessary for water. The substance that makes up the planet's "water" is a mixture of oxygen, hydrogen, large amounts of methane and other mysterious particles.
Population: Well into the Millions


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