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Quote1.png "Hyper-Adapter"...Hunter-killer... a living curse made to destroy Batman and the world... a "Death-idea" that never tires, never stops... Quote2.png
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After Batman mortally wounded him, Darkseid sent the Caped Crusader back in time with his Omega Sanction. Darkseid then released the Hyper-Adapter from his Ancestor Box, allowing it to travel across time and torment Batman, with the ultimate goal of destroying creation.

The Hyper-Adapter first encountered Bruce Wayne in the 17th century.[1] Bruce was able to wound the beast before escaping, though it followed him further into the future.[2] By the time Bruce made it to the 20th century, the Hyper-Adapter had caught up with him and infested his body. As Bruce travelled to the end of time, he was greeted by the archivist droids of vanishing point who identified the Hyper-Adapter as having taken residence in Bruce. One of the archivist droids transformed into a makeshift batsuit to quarantine the Hyper-Adapter, but the creature then infected the archivist.[3]

Bruce was able to travel back to the present day, where the Hyper Adapter attacked the Justice League, who managed to disable the beast, pry it off Bruce and send it back through time. The Hyper-Adaptor transformed into a giant bat and encountered Dick Grayson, Simon Hurt and stone-age Vandal Savage as it hurtled through time. It was killed by the latter and its hide was kept as a trophy, to be worn by Bruce Wayne when he would be stranded in that time.[4]

  • The graphic novel Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth made reference to a bat-devil that once haunted Gotham. It was initially perceived to be just myth, but in hindsight this bat-devil may have in fact been the Hyper-Adapter.



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