Quote1 Arrogant fool! I should throw you out on your tone-deaf ear, Hypnotic just to prove my point! Wah! Quote2
Oswald Cobblepot src

Hypnotic is a new villain in Gotham who formed an alliance with the Penguin. At their meeting, Hypnotic came in acquaintance with the other new villains, Mr. Combustible and Mr. Toxic. Hypnotic was originally a kiss-up to the Penguin, but when Cobblepot showed no sympathy to his new "partners," Hypnotic began having doubts.

When the Iceberg Casino safes were being breached, Hypnotic and the other rookies went to save their money. Once there, they discovered Chase stealing their money and the Batman trying to stop her. The villains were quickly thwarted, and, thanks to Batman, informed that the room was rigged to explode. Hypnotic's fate is unclear because Batman is the only one seen escaping the room as it exploded.


  • Mind Control: During their skirmish, Hypnotic announced he was about to use mind control on Batman. Batman, unimpressed, broke Hypnotic's glasses and informed the rookie villain that radio control waves don't work on heroes like Batman.



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