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Hyve was a member of Onslaught.

Hyve was capable of producing mini-clones from his flesh. He joined Onslaught when it was under the leadership of Njara Kattuah. Because of his abilities he was considered a valuable member by Njara, which is why his pervert behavior was tolerated by him until he finally had enough and warned him to stop it. He refers to himself as "we", presumably being made of multiple parts that can split into sentient beings.[1]

Hyve goes after Bulldozer when Njara decided to take revenge on the Suicide Squad for his father's presumed death, but failed to apprehend him.[1] Hyve noticed the Justice Society of America arriving with Deadshot and Killer Frost at Onslaught's headquarters. Njara decided to confront them himself and sent the others away, but was killed by Deadshot.[2]