"Break My Body": Andrew Bennett was once a young lord belonging to a wealthy family, but his father did not approve of the woman he fell in love with, Mary Seward. As he was riding in a carriage through the stormy night to Mary's hom

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Andrew Bennett

I, Vampire #0 is an issue of the series I, Vampire (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2012. It was published on September 26, 2012.

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  • Cain (Flashback and main story)

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Synopsis for "Break My Body"

Andrew Bennett was once a young lord belonging to a wealthy family, but his father did not approve of the woman he fell in love with, Mary Seward. As he was riding in a carriage through the stormy night to Mary's home, he wrote a letter to his mother, hoping she would understand his decision to run away with her.

However, as the storm grew worse, the wheel of the carriage cracked and broke, killing the driver, and sending Andrew through the window. Through the heavy rain, Andrew spotted a dark, cloaked figure, who seemed pleased to see him, with malicious intent. As the stranger approached, Andrew grew fearful, and thrust a dagger through the man's chest. To his surprise, his attacker did not even bleed.

Realizing that his death was inescapable, Andrew demanded the dignity of being allowed to stand, which the stranger granted. With a temporary reprieve, Andrew could not help but ask what manner of man the stranger was, given that he was obviously not merely human. Reluctantly, the stranger told his story.

As he was cursed, cast out, and dying, he had fed on the woman he had loved, and her life gave him power. Though he was initially horrified by his own actions, his woman soon returned to life, changed. He then understood his curse, and together, they created many children, joined by blood. After a time of living like monstrous kings, they were met by a demon who had come to take back the power that they had got. Though he could not be killed, the Demon took the souls of all of those he had turned, including his woman. He was promised, on that night, that if he fed just once upon a truly innocent soul, he would be cursed to spend his days locked in a vacuum of nothingness, eternally.

Hearing this, Andrew could not but profess that he was such an innocent - though, the stranger knew that the boy was truly motivated by lust for Mary. Tiring of Andrew's resistance, the stranger had him tell his own story, so he could be judged worthy. Andrew explained that he had fallen in love with a plain maid in the Bennett household, and his family would not stand for that love. He had no choice by to run and live with her in peace. With this, Andrew challenged the vampire to see just how noble and innocent he was.

Obliging, the stranger transformed into a massive wolf, and dared Andrew to run, for the sport of it. As he did so, Andrew prayed to heaven, over and over, that he would be allowed to see Mary's face just once more, with his living eyes. Unfortunately, Andrew tripped, and the wolf was soon upon him.

When Cain sank his teeth into Andrew's neck, there was a near-instantaneous reaction, and he knew that he was wrong about the boy. Somehow, this lovesick boy had been enough to contain his power, and he was trapped forever. Andrew, meanwhile, was cursed to live again.

He woke with an overpowering hunger for blood. As he cried out, an old woman shuffled nearby, calling to see if he was all right. Slyly, Andrew masked his hunger and his horror, calming her. She began to sense the danger, though, and so he bit into her neck. He had not killed her, though, and she begged to be spared. Realizing the extent of his curse, Andrew could only run, as the woman died in the dirt.

Sadly, Andrew penned a letter to Mary, begging her not to search for him, as they could never be together. Both of their hearts broke.


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  • The name of this issue's story is taken from a song by alternative rock group the Pixies, off of their album Surfer Rosa. Every issue of I, Vampire from this point on is named after a Pixies song.

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