"Waiting For The End Of The World": Having challenged his people to fight him to the death in exchange for leadership of the vampire horde, Andrew Bennett is frustrated when his love Mary is the one who accepts. As the m

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The Van Helsings

I, Vampire #10 is an issue of the series I, Vampire (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2012. It was published on June 27, 2012.

Synopsis for "Waiting For The End Of The World"

Having challenged his people to fight him to the death in exchange for leadership of the vampire horde, Andrew Bennett is frustrated when his love Mary is the one who accepts. As the most powerful vampire there is, Andrew wasn't expecting her to take up the challenge, but her desire to lead the horde is just that great.

Meanwhile, Prof. John Troughton and Tig Rafelson are captives of the Van Helsings, riding in the cult's planes toward Andrew's settlement in Utah. Their leader, Van Helsing, find John's loyalty to Andrew problematic. Even if Andrew has done more good than bad, lately, Mary is without redeeming qualities, and Andrew's failure to bring her to justice suggests that he is no better.

As it happens, John agrees that Mary ought to have been killed by now, but his respect for Andrew (and his inability to get anywhere near Mary) has prevented him from killing her himself. Not to mention that a world without Andrew Bennett is a world ruled by Cain, whose evil is known to the Van Helsings as far worse than Mary's.

Troughton tries to reason with Van Helsing, claiming that the Order is not so different from Andrew and the Vampires, but he is staunch in his beliefs. Van Helsing explain that they were formed long ago after Cain brought the brood into Egypt. All in their path were murdered, until someone learned that driving a wooden stake through the heart and decapitation would kill the vampires.

Van Helsing claims that they are not inherently bad or good. They are merely a tool of great destruction; the Van Helsings are prone to being labelled. Van Helsing reveals that their plans for the future are to move on to taking out the "supers", once the vampires are dead.

As the Van Helsings' planes approach, Andrew and Mary - who have been fighting for some time - are still at a stalemate. Andrew's power may not last forever, and Mary promises that she will keep fighting until she sets him right or leaves him dead. However, they are startled by the imminent firebombing they face at the hands of the Van Helsings. Andrew realizes, with some disappointment, that he made a mistake in contacting them.

Using his power, Andrew tries to shield as many of the vampires as he can from the flames. He admits to Mary that he had been trying to broker piece, but he misjudged the Van Helsings' fanaticism.

The Van Helsings begin leaping down into the desert crying for the vampires' deaths. Each one wears a mysterious pendant carved in the likeness of Anubis. Andrew tries to keep his vampires from killing the Van Helsings, but Mary won't have it. He tries instead to speak reason to the Van Helsings, but they stake him through the heart. The attackers begin charging on the angry vampires, and as each one dies, their pendant begins glowing green.

Van Helsing thanks Troughton for contacting them, pointing out that thanks to Andrew's leadership, the largest population of vampires ever to be killed by a platoon of Van Helsings is now gathered in one spot. John and Tig watch as even their pilots leap out of the moving plane, realizing that they are alone and doomed.

Andrew looks over the battlefield with some horror as he realizes that the dead Van Helsings have begun to come back to life. This battle may never end.

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