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"Caribou": In the year 1592, Mary Seward had been mistreated by Lord Bennett since his son and her lover Andrew Bennett left her alone there. She was surprised, then, when Andrew returned suddenly - though changed.

Quote1.png Ugh, look. I was evil for half a millennia. The one thing I learned--as much as it pisses me off, the bad guy never wins. I mean, seriously, I'm way smarter than Andrew ever was, and he kept winning! Now, look, I went for a little walk-and-talk on the ethereal plane, and it's become clear to me that, essentially--back off, dye-job--I'm here to kill you mooks. Quote2.png
Mary Seward

I, Vampire #19 is an issue of the series I, Vampire (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2013. It was published on April 24, 2013.

Synopsis for "Caribou"

In the year 1592, Mary Seward had been mistreated by Lord Bennett since his son and her lover Andrew Bennett left her alone there. She was surprised, then, when Andrew returned suddenly - though changed.

Now, Mary is returned from death after Andrew allowed her to be killed, though he is now - at least - back on the side of good. However, Tig Rafelson has become host to Lilith, one of the first vampires, and is meant to usher in the destruction of the universe with Cain at her side. Mary, though, is returned from death as something of a Deus Ex Machina, an emissary straight from God.

Back when Andrew returned to her, Mary had been angry with him for leaving her to his father's lusts. She considered his having been changed into a monster as the divine punishment that she had prayed for. He explained that he was changed, and had made himself the master of what he became - and she would become his mistress. He kissed her, then, for the first time.

While Mary turns her attention to Lilith, tasked by the divine with killing her, Andrew attempts to prevent Cain from completing his spell. The sire of all vampires taunts him, certain that Andrew can't kill him. Deborah Dancer, however, slices off his head, hoping that she can. Unfortunately, his head just grows back. From the other side of the room, Mary urges them to get the older vampires up to the main part of the House of Mystery, which once served as Cain's prison.

Upstairs, Cain and Andrew find themselves in a court-room presided over by Lucifer himself. The fallen angel announces that Cain has been found guilty of crimes punishable by a fate worse than death. The Mark of Cain still hangs on Cain's own shoulders, despite his attempts to pass it on to Andrew. In his attempts to bring back Lilith, Cain had taken the Mark back. Lucifer sentences Cain to live forever within the House of Mystery, forever in suffering.

Mary, meanwhile, is holding up surprisingly well, considering that she fights alone against Lilith and Charles Thompson. Andrew spots the keeper encouraging the collision of Heaven and Hell, and decides it would be best to put a stop to that. With the help of the dog Mishkin, he knocks the keeper into the portal, and it is closed with his gruesome destruction. As the portal closes, Lilith is sucked out of Tig's body, who is returned to her former self. The brick from the Tower of Babel falls to the floor, and crumbles into pieces.

Before they can be set upon, Charles and Tig make their escape, only to be spotted outside the House of Mystery by Constantine, who is eager to know whether the world is ending or not. After they confirm that things will be fine, he asks whether they intend to kill people. They assure him that they do, and after some thought, John decides that that is Andrew's problem, and not his.

Mary turns to Andrew, at last, and admits that she cannot stay resurrected. She will have to go back. Sadly, Andrew apologizes for all of the ways that he wronged her. She forgives him, explaining that it wasn't his bite that made her a monster. As she disappears, she kisses him, and they admit their feelings of love for one another.

All who remain are Deborah, Mishkin, and Andrew in the empty chamber. Sighing, Deborah reminds him that they have some more vampires to kill, and Andrew whines that Tig and Charles are too stupid to get into too much trouble.

Not long after being turned, Mary admitted to Andrew that she planned to use her new abilities to kill those who had wronged her in life. Though he had tried to dissuade her, she left without him, leaving him to discover that she had already brutally murdered Lord Bennett just prior to his return, as revenge for raping her.

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