"Rise of the Vampires, Finale: Cruel To Be Kind": Newly resurrected, Andrew Bennett stands imposingly before Cain and his army of vampires. Andrew's new-found power is surprising, and he use

Quote1.png 'Cept, y'see, Cain, I'm something new. Something more powerful than I thought possible. And I've played by the rules laid out for me for far too long. So, how's about we write a whole new rulebook? Quote2.png
Andrew Bennett

I, Vampire #8 is an issue of the series I, Vampire (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2012. It was published on April 25, 2012.

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Synopsis for "Rise of the Vampires, Finale: Cruel To Be Kind"

Newly resurrected, Andrew Bennett stands imposingly before Cain and his army of vampires. Andrew's new-found power is surprising, and he uses it to transform the entire army of assembled vampires into dust, leaving Cain unsupported.

Cain calls Andrew a traitor to his kind, and Andrew admits that he used to be - until recently. Now, he is something far more than he was. Now, he is a patriot. He resurrects the vampires anew from the dust, now under his thrall. The assembled mortals realize that this new turn of events is not likely to their benefit.

Excited by Andrew's actions, Mary rushes to his side. He admits that he has seen the error of his ways and embraces her. With little ceremony, Andrew sets the vampires upon Cain, and though he can't necessarily kill the evil being forever, he slices off Cain's head.

John Constantine realizes that the magic from the earth that Cain had been absorbing was somehow transferred to Andrew. Madame Xanadu admits as much, claiming that it was the only way to stop Cain - if only temporarily. John Troughton hopes that Andrew has something up his sleeves, because he can't imagine that his old friend would take Mary back after what she did.

Mary attempts to set the army about killing all of the humans, but Andrew puts a stop to it quickly. In fact, he goes so far as to erase all records of what happened that day from the memories of those assembled - all except for Tig, whose folly caused the events to unfold in the first place. Turning to Professor Troughton, Andrew explains that he needs to be the one in charge in order to keep control over the balance between humans and vampires. He then assigns the professor with a special task, which John is not happy to undertake.

Andrew then turns to John Constantine and the rest of Madame Xanadu's team. Constantine warns that Andrew has been given more power than any one man should have, and that he will be ready to take him out, when he inevitably crosses the line. Andrew smiles and responds that no matter how much of an ass Constantine is, he will always come to help him. That said, Andrew leads his army to begin building their empire anew.

Elsewhere, John Troughton and Tig begin their journey in Andrew's name. They have been assigned to call on the Van Helsings - an ancient order of vampire hunters who are in many ways worse than the vampires. Behind them, Cain re-materializes his body.


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