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The reality of iZombie (Volume 1) is a world full of zombies, vampires, were-beasts, and several organizations hunting them.


Drawing heavily on Egyptian concepts of oversoul and undersoul, all creatures have two souls. The oversoul or conscious mind, which is located in the brain, stores thoughts, memories and personalities. The undersoul or subconscious mind, which is located in the heart, contains appetites, emotions and fears. Upon death, both souls leave the body, though there are exceptions.

  • Ghosts: an oversoul without a body, like Ellie. Ghosts have the memories and personality of their original owner.
  • Poltergeists: an undersoul without a body. Generally less civilized than ghosts, they only retain the emotions and appetites of their original.
  • Vampires: Humans with an oversoul, but without an undersoul, like Nemia and Claire. They thirst for blood, which carries emotions and fears from the heart.
  • Zombies: Humans with an undersoul but no oversoul. They hunger for brains, which contains the memories and thoughts of the oversoul.
  • Thropes: Humans "infected" by a bodyless undersoul of an animal or other human, like Scott and Ubasti. Those infected by animals periodically change into either the animal or an anthropomorphized version of them.
  • Possessed: Humans (or animals) "infected" by bodyless oversouls, like Marvin, Gavin/Phantasm and Horatio/Strider. The possessed loses most of his own personality in the process, though the oversoul can periodically leave the body, at which point the original personality returns.
  • Revenants: the rarest of variations, a dead human with both souls intact, given a second life, like Gwen and Amon. Because this wasn't what meant to be, revenants can sometimes exhibit behavior of zombies; Gwen had a hunger for brains and limited memory of her original life.


  • The iZombie TV series ignores the two soul mythology, instead going for a more scientific origin of zombies, and no other creatures exist. In the series, "zombies" have been infected with a mix of party drug Utopium and energy drink Max Rager.

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