Iago possessed the body of a man named Arnie Alpert who performed good deeds in his daily life. Arnie volunteered his time between working at a Senior Citizens Center on Mondays, to working at the Metropolis Orphanage on Tuesdays to working at the Meals for Metropolis on Wednesdays which is a Soup Kitchen that feeds the city's poor and homeless. During this time Superman was chasing a demonic being called Greeneyes. At the same time Greeneyes was flying through an alley to escape Superman, Arnie was disposing the trash at the soup kitchen. Arnie just happened to be holding the trashcan lid (like a shield) and Greeneyes flew directly into the lid. Superman arrived at the location only to find Greeneyes' cape which soon disappeared from Superman's hands. Arnie was teleported into Hell where Iago overtook Arnie's features and returned to Earth. As Iago he took the possession of the body of a female inmate #636211 at the Pocantico Federal Correctional Facility and walked through the main wall which caused the female inmates to escape. Transforming his appearance back to Arnie, he went to the Metropolis Eagle to stir up trouble for Superman. He suggested a smear campaign against the Man of Steel which the editor came to like the idea. The final fate of Arnie Alpert is unknown.



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