Ice Princess is a member of the Gang, a group of adolescent aliens.

Although her species typically watched and admired the heroes of Earth, she followed the insane alien child, who took on the moniker Rex Luthor. These alien kids felt that the villains of Earth were the true heroes, and this girl took on an attire not unlike that of Captain Cold. Ice Princess followed the Gang to other planets, where they stole an advanced spacecraft, and picked up the half Coluan child, Brainiac 6.

The Gang decided to first target the Super Sons, as they were the Gangs equals, then, move up. Using diversionary tactics sneak attacks, the Gang took out Robin, introducing themselves, and using artificial Gold Kryptonite along with the villain, the Puppeteer, to incapacitate Superboy, the Gang proceed to steal their target from the Fortress of Solitude: The Hypercube.

When Joker Jr. let the Super Sons out, Ice Princess and Kid Deadshot were sent to apprehend him. By the time they arrived, Joker Jr. left a parting gift, having taken one of the escape pods, which Kid Deadshot blasts apart, leaving J.J. to drift.

Ice Princess left the job with Kid Deadshot to assist Shaggy Boy against Robin, and the seperated Superboy Red And Superboy Blue. She helped to combat them, but almost got sucked into space when Blue accidentally blasted a hole in the ship. She was rescued by Red, and later remarked that the Superboy's fighting reminded her of her fights with her own brother.

After the ship crashed, she reconvened with the Gang to kill the boys, before being surprised by the arrival of Space Cabbie.



  • Cold Gun: Ice Princess possesses a copy of the Cold Gun.



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