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The Iceberg Lounge was created by the Gate brothers in the late 19th century for Theodore Cobblepot.

Quote1 It's magnificent, Oswald. From the amphetamines dissolved into ice cubes to the stolen imports you give away as prize cars, it's a nonstop party! Quote2
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The Iceberg Lounge, also known as The Iceberg Casino, is a trendy Gotham City nightclub owned and managed by the Penguin, as well as functioning as the base for his criminal operations.


The Iceberg Lounge was created by the Gate brothers in the late 19th century for Theodore Cobblepot.[1]

Seemingly tiring of the criminal lifestyle, Oswald Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin, went "legit" and began running a posh nightclub and casino called "The Iceberg Lounge". Using the club as a front, the Penguin secretly continues to control Gotham City's underworld by trading in illegal information and stolen goods.[2]

During the Mayoral Elections in which Marion Grange was elected as the new Mayor of Gotham, Penguin threw a massive party at the Iceberg Lounge and invited high-profile politicians and celebrities to congratulate the new mayor. Unfortunately, the party was crashed by the serial killer Cornelius Stirk; who had recently escaped from Arkham Asylum and wanted to kill Mayor Grange. Batman managed to stop the killer, but the Iceberg Lounge was seriously damaged as a resulf of a fire caused during the confrontation.[3]

Much later, When Penguin's crime ring of kidnapping pregnant girls was discovered, the Iceberg Lounge was the target of a vicious attack that destroyed the penthouse of the building.[4]

After Black Mask became crime lord of Gotham, Penguin abandoned the city and left the Iceberg Lounge utterly empty. Black Mask used the building as a hideout and base of operation for some of his henchmen including Mad Hatter and Alexandra Kosov.[5]

Batman R.I.P.

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After Penguin recovered the Lounge for himself, Slam Bradley broke into the establishment and questioned Penguin about Hush's current whereabouts.[6]

When Batman went missing, Robin broke into the Lounge coming through a window and looking for some answers.[7] A few days later, Batgirl went to the Lounge and also questioned Penguin about Batman's location. Her abrupt interruption caught the attention of Johnny Stitches and Intergang, who were frequent visitors of the Iceberg Lounge, much to Penguin's dismay.[8] The Lounge was the chosen place for supervillains like Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze and Man-Bat to eliminate a great faction of Intergang and regain control of the city. Penguin allowed them to destroy the place to get rid of Intergang and then used Intergang's money to repair the damage done.[9]


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The New 52
The DC Universe heavily changed its continuity into the DCnU following the events of Flashpoint in 2011. This was part of an effort to make storylines more accessible to newer readers, beginning with the New 52. This new timeline combines elements from the DCU, Vertigo Universe and Wildstorm Universe while drastically changing the origins and histories of characters.

Penguin reopened the Iceberg Lounge under a new name; the Iceberg Casino. It is now a floating casino and hotel just outside of Gotham, designed like a sparkling iceberg. A secret backroom was the meeting place for some of Gotham's newest villains, such as Hypnotic, Mister Combustible, and Mister Toxic. Not long after its grand opening, the villain Snakeskin attempted to assassinate the Penguin, but was shot before he could succeed.

Rumors began spreading that Lady Shiva was coming to Gotham to kill organized crime. Heeding the warning, Penguin closed down the casino, packing his valuables as he planned to seek shelter somewhere else.[10]

Redhood and the Outlaws: Prince of Gotham

After returning to a life of crime Jason Todd (Prime Earth) has taken over the Iceberg Lounge and is currently keeping the Penguin prisoner inside its' walls. He now manages the casino with the assistance of Susan Su (Prime Earth) and her sister.[11]

However,when Bunker discovered Penguin secretly held prisoner right under his nose, he defected from Red Hood's operation, finding it cruel and unjust and freed Cobblepot. Bunker forced Red Hood from his position as a kingpin, allowing Penguin to reclaim his spot in the Iceberg Casino.



Other Versions


This version of the Iceberg Lounge was built within Cyrus Pinkney's Institute for Natural History, which was bought by Cobblepot when the building went up for auction. Solomon Grundy was kept in a secret lair underneath the nightclub.


The nightclub which would later become the Iceberg Lounge was originally named The Sirens and owned by Barbara Kean and Tabitha Galavan. After the death of Barbara, Penguin and Ivy Pepper took control of the abandoned nightclub and refurbished it into the Iceberg Lounge.[13] Penguin successfully ran the Iceberg Lounge with the help of Victor Zsasz and Arthur Penn. When Oswald was defeated by Sofia Falcone, she put Tabitha, Barbara and Selina Kyle in control of the nightclub, who managed it up until the No Man's Land year.


The Iceberg Lounge was mentioned in the episode "I'll Give You a Clue", being owned by the Penguin. At some point in time, Angelique Martin worked there and is known to have a backdoor casino.[14]

The Batman

The Iceberg Lounge is an expensive nightclub located in Gotham City and owned by Oswald Cobblepot. Selina Kyle works as a Bartender there, and her mother Maria Kyle worked as a waitress there in Selina's youth. Carmine Falcone has an apartment above the club overlooking one of Gotham's ornate suspension bridges, and the basement of the club hides the illicit 40 Below club.

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