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"Chapter Two: House of Lies": Alone for the first time since the murder, six remaining members of the Justice League meet to discuss their secret, kept well for a serious number of years. The group includes Atom, [[Dinah La

Quote1.png It's your weakness, isn't it? I finally got it. I'll find her again, you know... then I'll find all of yours. Quote2.png
Doctor Light

Identity Crisis #2 is an issue of the series Identity Crisis (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2004. It was published on July 14, 2004.

Synopsis for "Chapter Two: House of Lies"

Alone for the first time since the murder, six remaining members of the Justice League meet to discuss their secret, kept well for a serious number of years. The group includes Atom, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Zatanna. They are discussing the man they believe to be the true killer, Doctor Light. Suddenly, they realize that they are being spied on. Kyle Rayner and Wally West reveal themselves, and insist that they be told whatever information is being held back from everyone else, or they will expose the group. Forced to reveal their story, Elongated Man talks about what happened so long ago, while they're on their way to Light's last known residence.

Sue Dibny raped

It was during the early period where the League operated from the Satellite. One night while the rest of the team was on a mission, Sue Dibny had gone up into the station to have a quiet evening with the stars. At the same time, Doctor Light had sneaked aboard with the intention of stealing back one of his old guns. Finding Sue instead, he attacked her, and although she struggled against him, he blinded her, pinned her down, ripped her clothing, and brutally raped her from behind.

Taking down Doctor Light

Returning to find the violent encounter taking place to their horror, the Leaguers quickly ran in and subdued him together, although he fought like an elephant. Ralph himself brought Light down with a mace to the back of the head, then quickly rushed to comfort his wife and take her to the hospital. Light was restrained, and put to sleep while the heroes argued about what to do with him. Zatanna erased his memory of the intimate encounter so he couldn't share it with anyone else. Hawkman reminds the rest of the group that dealing with such a psychopath, an incident like this is bound to happen again. They have families and loved ones to protect, which they can't do with people like him on the loose. Carter suggests that instead of simply handing him over to the authorities... Zatanna could clean up his mind a little bit first. Instead of using her powers for a simply memory wipe, she could fundamentally alter his personality so that he won't continue to do things like this in the future. Sides are quickly picked, and it comes to a simple vote. Black Canary, Green Arrow and Green Lantern all oppose the mindwipe, while Atom, Hawkman and Zatanna support it. The final vote belongs to the Flash, and having recently lost his wife, he concedes. Zatanna alters his mind, turning Light from a serious threat into someone who's significantly more harmless, simpler and even stupider. Implications are made that, being her first time, she did not perform the procedure with enough skill.

Zatanna's Mindwipe

Elsewhere, a number of professional supervillains hold a meeting in the old Injustice Gang Satellite. Mercenaries and assassins coming together to discuss their business and trade information. Merlyn observes the situation as Doctor Light arrives through a teleporter, having been sent by the Calculator. He is aware that the heroes are going to try to bring him in, and attempts to hire protection from the group.

Deathstroke helps out.

As the League members have reached their destination, they continue to argue over whether or not what they did was the right thing. The newer members find their actions reprehensible, but begin to understand the gravity of the situation and why it was necessary... until Green Arrow reveals that Doctor Light was not the only time they messed with someone's mind.[1] As they get ready to storm Doctor Light's house and bring him in, an explosion goes off completely incapacitating Elongated Man. It is revealed that the bodyguard he had hired is none other than the infamous Deathstroke the Terminator.

At Justice Society Headquarters, an autopsy is being performed by Doctor Mid-Nite upon Sue Dibny's body to determine cause of death. He discovers that despite her body being badly burned, that could not have been the cause of her death. The killer torched her body after the murder had already been committed, to cover their tracks. Doctor Light did not kill Sue Dibny, and Oracle puts out the word.

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