The Idylists are a subgroup of Atlanteans born with purple eyes.


New Earth

The Idylists were a pacifist faction of Atlanteans who chose the seclusion of the Hidden Valley.

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Prime Earth

Ages ago, a succession of closed minded Kings of Atlantis suppressed learning, hoarding ancient manuscripts in the royal archives and allowing the knowledge within to be gradually lost.[1] To ensure the knowledge survived, the ancient scholars psychically dispersed it among the population, where it would arise randomly through the generations. Those Atlanteans able to access this knowledge were born with purple eyes.[2]

The purple eyed Atlanteans carried ancient secrets of the realm but could only remember these truths when specifically asked. They were not a single people or lineage, anyone could be born with knowledge of the ancient secrets. For many years, the purple eyed ones were exiled from Atlantis, relocating to the surface and wild areas of the ocean, although Queen Atlanna would allow them to return to the city under her protection. They would help her fake her death and escape her kingdom, relocating with her to the hidden island of Pacifica which had been forgotten by all but the purple-eyed ones.[3][4]

After Atlanna’s apparent death children would continue to be born with purple eyes, and were still the subject of superstition and fear. King Orm would follow his mother’s example of protecting them. He refused to allow violence against Atlanteans and would order the arrest of anyone who threatened the purple eyed ones.[5]

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