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Quote1 I needed to stop them, so I inhabited the worst person I could find! This man, Leota, he's... he's a murderer. But still, I know his thoughts, he's... even he could've changed. I know that. I took that from him. I took his freedom, and his face, and every day, I dread waking up to his memories. Quote2
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Clemson Murn (real name Ik Nobe Llok) was the cold and hardened leader of the black-ops team Project Butterfly. An alien Butterfly, he created the team to make up for the violent past of his human host and stop the invasion of his own race. He was succeeded by Emilia Harcourt.

Traveling to Earth

Ik Nobe Llok was a Butterfly on a faraway planet, and a soldier of the queen Eek Stack Ik Ik. When the Butterflies' home planet began dying, they migrated to Earth to live peacefully among the other species there, including the dominant species on the planet, humans. After they set up a steady food supply and distribution system out of Coverdale Ranch in America from a cow from their planet, they began trying to integrate themselves into Earth's culture.

However, Eek and the other Butterflies started plotting to take over the planet, using their powers of possession to take over humans in positions of power. Ik argued it wasn't right, but Eek and the others saw the humans as beneath them. Determined to protect the planet, Ik searched for the worst person he could find, and inhabited Nyasirian mercenary Clemson Murn to lead his crusade against the queen. Now using Murn's identity as his own, Ik went to A.R.G.U.S. director Amanda Waller and informed her of the Butterflies' plans in an effort to stop them.[1]

Project Butterfly

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