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Quote1 You dare utter my true name? You dare meddle in my unending legacy with your mortal clumsiness? I have seen your pathetic demise, Laura De Mille, as I have seen all things. But I will gladly rewrite your history so that you die today! Quote2
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Immortus is an inter-dimensional deity capable of swallowing the entirety of existence whole. After being summoned by Wally Sage in the physical world, the actress Isabel Feathers, which has Immortus' longevity talisman, became his sucessor and a powerful and dangerous enemy of the Doom Patrol.

Forgotten God

Several centuries ago, Immortus was a powerful inter-dimensional deity respected by his followers due to his great power and immortal life, being able to alter reality at will. After being defeated, a fragment of Immortus' longevity was used to create a talisman capable of slowing down the aging process, likewise, several pieces of his longevity began to be sought by several people seeking to obtain immortality. Eventually, Eric Morden, a former inventor seeking to acquire powers, obtained the Immortus talisman which he gave to Nazi scientist Heinrich Von Fuchs, but without realizing that he was being followed by an albino donkey, the scientist and adventurer, Niles Caulder, defeated the duo, stealing the talisman to have eternal life.[1][2]

Isabel Feathers Doom Patrol TV Series 002

Isabel Feathers as Immortus

Searching for ways to become immortal, Niles opened Immortus Project, using the rest of the pieces of the deity forgotten by the years to make his various test subjects immortal: Rita Farr, a former actress with elastic powers, Larry Trainor, an individual radioactive, Crazy Jane, a woman with 64 different personalities, and Cliff Steele, a man turned brain inside a robot body. For years, Niles told his sorcerer friend, Willoughby Kipling, that he possessed the Immortus talisman, something he did not believe, until years later, Niles gave the talisman to Kipling in exchange for a growth spell.[2][3][4][5]


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