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Imra Ardeen is Saturn Girl, a leading member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and a powerful telepath from Titan.

The Titanians only communicate telepathically, having lost use of their vocal cords due to centuries of evolution.

As a result, Imra only "talks" by broadcasting her thoughts to her fellow Legion members. She is still able to read minds, but cannot express herself in spoken language, which puts her at a disadvantage in those situations where her telepathy is useless.

She is unable to probe shielded minds, and must concentrate to exert direct influence on an opponent's brain (such as disrupting an opponent's amygdala). Her mother, (a United Planets ambassador) seems more skilled than her daughter, able to instinctively sense when Imra is using her telepathy.

Imra engages in emotional isolation, and has a very serious, introverted demeanor. This may, in part, be caused by shame over her muteness, which she managed to keep secret from the Legion (with the exception of Lightning Lad) for quite some time. In fact, Lightning Lad seems to be the only one Imra feels comfortable opening up to.




  • Mute: She can't speak though usual means either, which puts her in disadvantage in situations where telepathy is useless.



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